fire roasted chilis/peppers

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a recipe by
Millie Johnson
Valley Head, AL

I like to fire roast my green chilis that I then use for stuffing or sauce making. It adds a wonderful smokey flavor. I'll also do this to jalapeno peppers.

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method Grill

Ingredients For fire roasted chilis/peppers

  • whole, fresh green chili peppers

How To Make fire roasted chilis/peppers

  • 1
    Blister peppers on all sides over high heat on a grill or under the broiler. As you remove peppers from grill put them in a covered bowl. This keeps the skin from drying out and sticking to the pepper.
  • 2
    Use gloves and eye protection ! The oils in the peppers will stay on your hands even after washing and can cause burning if you touch your eyes and face!!!
  • 3
    Using the back of the knife and starting at the top of pepper (hold top) scrape downwards to remove skin. You may need to make a tiny cut to get it started, but don't cut through flesh of pepper.
  • 4
    Cut off top.
  • 5
    Holding pepper flat, make a slit down the entire length of pepper. Open pepper and lay flat.
  • 6
    Using the back of the knife at an angle scrape pepper starting from the top and moving downwards.(angle knife) This will remove all the seeds. Be gentle if you plan on using peppers to stuff. They tear easily.
  • 7
    Pepper is now ready to use.