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Pastrami by Will Bodle

Will Bodle was my assistant principal and is a fantastic cook. I especially loved ...

Open-faced Apple Butter Pastrami Sandwich

Another twist on a pastrami deli sandwich! Adapted from Damn Delicious blog.

So yummy

Homemade Pastrami

Let’s begin with the right cut of beef, and that would be a brisket from ...

Pastrami...so versatile...we love it..hope you do too


I haven't included the time for soaking in the prep time and I have averaged ...

Pastrami & Provolone Sandwich with a side of chips.

Pastrami & Provolone Sandwich

This sandwich was a staple in our home when our boys were growing up. I ...

Reuben Salad


This recipe could serve as an item on the luncheon menu or a full meal ...

Pastrami and Cheese Roll-Ups

Pastrami and Cheese Roll ups

I call this a different take on a Reuben.