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Chopped Caprese Salad with crackers and toasted bread.

Chopped Caprese Salad With Cucumbers

Carol Davis avatar
By Carol Davis
This is a light and delicious salad. Perfect for warm summer days. Hope you enjoy ...
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Caprese Chicken Stacker With Reduced Balsamic.

Caprese Chicken Stacker With Reduced Balsamic

Stephanie Beacham avatar
By Stephanie Beacham
I just made this last weekend. Salt and pepper chicken with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil ...
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Bruschetta Caprese With Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Bruschetta Caprese With Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Tammy T avatar
By Tammy T
My youngest daughter Laura and I made this together last night without a recipe to ...
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A sweet balsamic caprese burger assembled.

Sweet Balsamic Glaze Caprese Burger

Kisha Washington avatar
By Kisha Washington
It's a salty meets sweet burger...
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Caprese Spinach Pasta Salad

Glenda Moore avatar
By Glenda Moore
I ate this for a late afternoon Lunch and thought it was very good. I ...
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Goat Cheese Caprese Dip

Monica H avatar
By Monica H
Classic caprese combo; the addition of goat cheese adds a sweetness. Delish!

Not Yo Classic Caprese Salad

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
This is not your classic Caprese Salad. I decided to give it a twist ...
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Chicken Caprese Crostini Bites

Michelle Koletar/Mertz avatar
By Michelle Koletar/Mertz
I made this tonight, along w/ cajun shrimp dip crostini (recipe posted). Would be great ...
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Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

TJ Jones avatar
By TJ Jones
Beautiful and Elegant. Simple and balanced. One of my favorites to plate and eat!
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Caprese sandwich served up with corn chips and fresh grapes from the back garden arbor!  Enjoy it al fresco!

Insalta Caprese (or Make It Into A Sandwich)

Christine Pado avatar
By Christine Pado
I always loved Caprese but when I went dairy free I stopped thinking about it. ...
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Caprese Salad

Vera Cardia avatar
By Vera Cardia
You can use regular mozzarella cheese, but the flavor will not be as enhanced as ...
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Caprese Pizzas

I make this at my shows and they love it, simple but elegant. Great for ...
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