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Find and swap recipes for homemade household items, beauty products and more! You can't eat them, but you can still love 'em.

One lid has been treated with a solution and not the other


Without using any harsh chemicals, you can have it look like new again in just ...

Season to taste.

Un poule&fluther^Linguee(A hen)

french for chicken french for chicken This bird was not free range but kept in my dwelling ...

Completely brewed and ready to be cooled for use later. It takes about 30 minutes for it to cool to a temperature it can be managed.

Liquid Throat Swab (Gargle)

When my throat gets scratchy or sore, I brew a cup of this homemade gargle ...

A couple great kitchen tips on how to extend the shelf-life of your celery


These two simple and easy tips will help you to keep it fresh for up ...

Household Essentials: Spider Spray

I got this recipe from a cuz across the pond, and he probably got it ...

A formal table setting.

How to Set a Table; from Casual to Formal

It's important to know How to Set a Table depending on the occasion and formality ...

A couple rutabagas and 3 turnips.

Turnip vs Rutabaga

This is a great tutorial on these root vegetables regarding appearance, how to choose, prep, ...

So-In-Love Roller Blend (Sept 18/20)

I chose the essential oils for this roller blend, intuitively and I immediately fell, ‘So-In-Love’!

Different kinds of oils.

Know Your Oils and Their Smoke Points

Which oil has the higher smoke point? Which to use when sautéing or frying food? ...

So yummy

Autumn Essentials: Scents of Fall

If you have a diffuser, and some essential oils, get ready for an awesome Autumn. Mix ...

Make writing your recipes faster and using less space with these shortcuts on your keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts that help when writing recipes.

These shortcuts have saved me time and frustration while saving my recipes. It's so ...

6 avocados in a yellow bowl

How to Prepare an Avocado

To Prepare an Avocado is easy when you know how. Here's a simple way to ...

Jar of molasses, syrup, agave nectar, peanut butter and honey with a measuring spoon.

Measure Honey, Syrup or Molasses without Sticking

Cooking & baking can be frustrating at times especially when dealing with "sticky" ingredients. Here's ...

Home made elderberry medicinal syrup.

Elderberry Medicinal Syrup

This is my first time making this and the ginger and cloves along with the ...

Lice Removal
Lice Treatment
Get Rid Of Lice
Head Lice
lice removal houston

Lice Care Solutions | Houston Lice Removal & Lice

"""Can't Get Rid Of Head Lice? | In Home Lice Removal & Lice Treatment ...

10 Cup Coffee Maker

Dont you just love the aroma of that freshly ground coffee? Coffee is my life. ...

Oven Door Decorative Chicken

Oven Chicken

I wanted a Decorative Chicken for my oven door so I decided to just make ...

Crockpot Doily Steam Retainer

Crockpot Doily Steam Retainer

Problem Solved. I have had two CrockPot's in my lifetime that did not work ...

Hacking Essentials: Vacuum Sealer Hack

Believe it or not, this came to me in a morning dream. Like a lot of ...

Top of capped jar

Caps for Jars!

I just learned this trick this summer from a good friend in the North. ...

DIY Essentials: Making a Fermenting Jar

As you probably know, eating fermented veggies can be very healthy for you. I shopped about ...

Seasoned Fat Cap in Vegas

The New and Improved Fireman Bob

It took 64 year 7 months to create this recipe.... ENJOY !