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liquid throat swab (gargle)

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Denver, NC

When my throat gets scratchy or sore, I brew a cup of this homemade gargle when warm salt water is not enough. This remedy might not taste the best, but it starts working instantly. It can be used in the morning and at night before bed. When you see what gets rinsed from your throat, you might want to use it even when it isn't sore! Before using, please understand that THIS IS NOT TO BE CONSUMED and it is NOT KID FRIENDLY! If you have a sensitive palate or overall dislike spices (who on Earth doesn't like spices), this remedy is not for you. Spices can be adjusted but probably shouldn't be!

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Ingredients For liquid throat swab (gargle)

  • 2 Tbsp
    bulk licorice
  • 1 Tbsp
    pink himalayan salt
  • 1 tsp
    cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp
    black pepper
  • 1 Tbsp
    dried oregano
  • 1/4 c
    lemon peels
  • about 1/4 c
    lemon juice
  • 1/4 c
    raw apple cider vinegar, with the mother (i used bragg's)
  • about 2 Tbsp
    agave syrup or honey
  • 1, 2 drops
    essential clove oil
  • water, as needed

How To Make liquid throat swab (gargle)

  • 1
    Put about 2 cups of water on to boil. I used my tea kettle because it gets boiling hot and stays hot so that I can make this brew AND have some tea or coffee while I wait for the remedy to cool.
  • All ingredients marinating and just waiting on the piping hot water.
    In a cup that can hold at least 8 ounces, carefully add all ingredients except the boiling water and drops of clove oil.
  • Completely brewed and ready to be cooled for use later. It takes about 30 minutes for it to cool to a temperature it can be managed.
    When you are comfortable that you have the appropriate amount of ingredients to suit your preferences, slowly (I'm talking at a snail's pace) pour the boiling water in the cup, leaving about an inch at the top.
  • To prevent bacteria and gnats from ruining my brew, I made sure to cover it with foil and a slipcover. I rested my spoon on top to save space and for convenience.
    Cover and let sit. There's no need to stir at this point. Let the ingredients that can dissolve melt into the mixture.
  • Completely brewed and ready to be cooled for use later. It takes about 30 minutes for it to cool to a temperature it can be managed.
    After about two to three minutes, or the time it takes you to clean up, uncover and stir constantly for five minutes. Do not skimp on the time. The last thing you want is to gargle with grains.
  • 6
    Cover again and let sit until cooled. It should be cooled down enough that you can manage the temperature on your tongue and throat. However, it needs to be warm enough to be effective.
  • 7
    If desired, carefully add one drop of clove oil and stir. *I have no adversities to pure clove essential oil, so I can typically add 2 full drops. Please be careful with this oil! It is not necessary to include it, but it's an added benefit for me. You might not have the same reaction to it. Do your research first on how it might affect you. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. If in doubt, just leave it out! The remedy will still be effective. Leaving the clove oil out won't compromise that.
  • 8
    Take enough into your mouth to gargle it, but DO NOT SWALLOW! Gargle for 15 to 20 seconds at a time and repeat the process as long as it takes for your throat to feel better or feel clear/clean.
  • 9
    If you don't use the entire cup in one day, store it in a glass container in your fridge, near the warmest part. I put mine right under the light.
  • 10
    *TIPS* 1. It's best to use this gargle early in the morning before breakfast, after lunch or dinner, and right before bed. 2. For best results and to retain the healthy properties of this gargle, do not microwave to reheat. Instead, put it in a pot and warm it as slow as a sloth moves. Do not allow it to boil. 3. You can make up a large batch or a single cup ahead of time by placing all dry ingredients, except the lemon peels, in a glass jar or a cup. To use, just boil the water, and follow the instructions above, adding only 1/4 of the dry ingredients to the cup. You'll need to add the apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, lemon peels, and agave before adding the boiling water. 4. Use within 5 days of preparation, even if it's stored in the fridge. 5. I found this remedy is super effective when I use it right after I use my Neti Pot for my nose. Serve with love and a healing heart!