un poule&fluther^linguee(a hen)

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french for chicken french for chicken This bird was not free range but kept in my dwelling on a private back porch. Well feed with rob main noodles and can Mackeral. As the name implies, Australorp chickens originated from Australia. This chicken breed is available in black, blue, and white, but the black variety is the most common and is the only color recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). Black Australorp hens lay about 250-300 large, light brown eggs a year. This is equivalent to 5-6 eggs a week! Amazingly, the Australorp hens hold the record for laying the most numbe

method Deep Fry

Ingredients For un poule&fluther^linguee(a hen)

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How To Make un poule&fluther^linguee(a hen)

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    de-feather a chicken
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    hot bath 140-degree water & rinse bath 140-degree water
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    From grill & deep fried served on a one-time use plate with Kluski noodles and small potatoes. Deep in Jelapno ketchup & Caribbean-style jerk sauce.
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    Do not forget to grill to well done, over cook in a lot of oil.