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know your oils and their smoke points

Recipe by
Francine Lizotte
Surrey South, BC

Which oil has the higher smoke point? Which to use when sautéing or frying food? Know Your Oils and Their Smoke Points is the healthy way to cook.

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Ingredients For know your oils and their smoke points

  • oil
  • butter
  • vegetable shortening
  • lard

How To Make know your oils and their smoke points

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    Oils are good for us but of course heating oils can change their chemical makeup and nutritional value so make sure not to heat the oil beyond its smoke point! If you do, not only will your food taste burned but it will also create harmful free radicals which are extremely bad for us. What happens is the good nutrients and the phytochemicals are destroyed when they are overheated.
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    – Almond oil: This is a great oil to use when baking or for dressings & vinaigrettes. It can be used for roasting, grilling or frying as well. SMOKE POINT = 420ºF/216ºC – Avocado oil: A favorite of mine, I like to use it for grilling, searing, roasting and frying. SMOKE POINT = 520ºF/271ºC – Avocado oil • Extra virgin oil: This is good for baking and also a great ingredient for vinaigrettes or dressings because it’s flavorless. SMOKE POINT = 482ºF/250ºC – Beef tallow: This is regularly used when making French Fries, adding great flavor to them. SMOKE POINT = 400ºF/204ºC – Butter: As we all know, butter is great for sautéeing and baking. SMOKE POINT = 350ºF/176ºC – Butter • Clarified Butter/Ghee (refined): As the impurities are removed, this has a higher smoke point than regular butter and is good for grilling, sautéeing, searing, roasting as well as baking. SMOKE POINT = 480ºF/249ºC – Canola oil (expeller pressed): This is a nice all-purpose oil to use. SMOKE POINT = 450ºF/232ºC – Canola oil (refined): This is a popular go-to oil that can be used for pretty much everything. Because it’s refined, it’s odorless so this oil is a great one to have around. SMOKE POINT = 400ºF/204ºC – Chicken fat • Schmaltz: This fat is used in many Jewish recipes such as Latke. SMOKE POINT = 375ºF/190ºC – Coconut oil (expeller pressed): Although it has less nutritional value than cold-pressed coconut oil, its flavor is more nutty and toasted, making it better for certain recipes. SMOKE POINT = 350ºF/176ºC – Coconut oil (refined): I like to use this one a lot when I’m baking. There are also a few recipes we use it in like Hawaiian Chicken Curry, Healthy Homemade Granola, Coconut Waffles, etc. SMOKE POINT = 450ºF/232ºC – Corn oil: Another great oil for pan or deep-frying. SMOKE POINT = 450ºF/232ºF
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    – Cottonseed oil: This is a lovely oil to use when making Beignets, sautéeing or stir frying some of my Asian recipes. I also like making one of my barbecue sauces with it. I also use it on salads. SMOKE POINT = 420ºF/216ºC – Duck fat: Packed with flavor, this is a good oil for grilling, sautéeing, roasting and even baking. Surprisingly, it’s also good as an ingredient for dressings and vinaigrettes. SMOKE POINT = 375ºF/190ºC – Flaxseed oil: Because its smoke point is low, this is an oil that is great for salad dressings and vinaigrettes. I like to drizzle it over certain recipes such as Muhammara. SMOKE POINT = 225ºF/107ºC – Grapeseed oil: This is another favorite of mine that is good to use in baking as well as sautéeing and frying. I also like to use this one for vinaigrettes and dressings. SMOKE POINT = 420ºF/216ºC – Hazelnut oil: This is a great flavorful oil to use when baking or using to drizzle over food as well as an ingredient for making dressings or vinaigrettes. SMOKE POINT = 430ºF/220ºC – Hemp seed oil: I use it as my daily tablespoon intake in the morning. With a strong nutty and rich flavor, this is a nice oil to drizzle over cooked food. SMOKE POINT = 330ºF/165ºC – Lard: My grand-mother was using lard for grilling, roasting, sautéeing and also searing. SMOKE POINT = 370ºF/188ºC – Macadamia oil: Its flavor is so exotic. I really enjoy using it for baking and also drizzling it over my salad… yum! SMOKE POINT = 400ºF/204ºC – Olive oil • Light (refined): This is just like canola oil but even better due to its high smoke point. SMOKE POINT = 465ºF/240ºC – Olive oil • Extra virgin oil: This is a nice oil for sautéeing. I also like to use it for my vinaigrettes and dressings. SMOKE POINT = 325ºF/163ºC – Peanut oil (refined): A popular one in Asian cuisine, great to use when sautéeing, roasting, searing, pan or deep-frying, grilling and baking. It can be used for dressings and vinaigrettes because of its mild flavor. SMOKE POINT = 450ºF/232ºC
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    – Pistachio oil: This is another “finishing” oil you can drizzle over cooked food or use as a vinaigrette for your salad. SMOKE POINT = 225ºF/107ºC – Safflower oil (refined): Great oil when deep-frying, grilling, sautéeing, or roasting. I use it for vinaigrettes, dressings and sauces because its taste is not overwhelming. SMOKE POINT = 510ºF/266ºC – Sesame oil (semi-refined): This is an amazing oil when cooking Asian foods like stir-fries or even roasting. SMOKE POINT = 350ºF/176ºC – Sunflower oil (refined): This is another oil that I like to use for deep-frying. It is also good when sautéeing, grilling, pan-frying, roasting and baking. It has a mild flavor therefore it’s great for dressings & vinaigrettes. SMOKE POINT = 440ºF/226ºC – Vegetable shortening: I’m sure your mother had some in the fridge (Crisco). It’s a great ingredient when baking. I like to use some for making my Pâte à Choux aka Choux Pastry. SMOKE POINT = 360ºF/182ºC – Walnut oil (semi-refined): When I make my Julienne Salad, this is the oil I like to drizzle over. It has such a lovely taste. SMOKE POINT = 320ºF/160ºC
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