Drink Recipes

Irish Cream Recipe

Irish Cream

By Thea Pappalardo
This tastes very much like the commercially prepared Irish Cream, except it seems to be a...

Cosmopolitans Recipe


By Margie Murphy
I hosted a martini party and served Apple Martini's and Cosmo's. These were a big hit!

 Christmas Punch Recipe

" Christmas Punch"

Found in my "12 days of Christmas Cookbook". Delight any holiday with this drink. I also make...

Cooked Egg Nog Recipe

Cooked Egg Nog

By Colleen Sowa
I don't like using raw eggs... so this is what our family has for our holiday...

Spiced Christmas Fruit Tea Recipe

Spiced Christmas Fruit Tea

By JoSele Swopes
I used to sell teas and coffees, this is my girls favorite tea...I have always fixed...

Gluhwein (hot Mulled Wine) Recipe

Gluhwein (Hot Mulled Wine)

By Candy Ayers
Note: I add some room temp sparkling water to the mixture while simmering it to make...

Holiday Tea Blend Recipe

Holiday Tea Blend

By JoSele Swopes
I love teas and what many different infusions that you can do with them..They have many...

Rosewater - Edible Recipe


By Jo Anne Sugimoto
Here is the recipe for edible rosewater for my recipe - Cardamom Infused Cupcakes with Rosewater...