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Pork Chop Recipes For Tonight’s Dinner

Pork chop casserole

Searching Just A Pinch and wondering what to make for dinner? Well, I’ve got an idea for you. Pork chops! My family is a big fan of pork, and I typically have a package or two of pork chops stashed in the freezer. They never say, “Ugh, boring pork chops,” when I make one of these Blue Ribbon recipes.

A go-to that I’ve been making for years, is the famous recipe where you shake a coating onto pork chops. If your family loves that too, try Lillian Russo’s Crunchy Smoky Pork Chops.

“Most of my recipes are born from my cravings,” reveals Lillian. “And tonight I was craving something crunchy and smoky… so this worked out perfectly.”

These are some delicious and moist breaded pork chops. The Panko crumbs and mustard mixture are a real winning combo. Once baked, the crust is crispy and inside the pork chops are super tender.

Another recipe along those shake-coated lines is Lori Kirkland-Howell’s (Channelview, TX) No Bake Shake n Bake Pork Chops.

“I invented this recipe because we love Shake n Bake, but I do not like to heat up the whole house,” explains Lori.

At first, I was unsure about this recipe. Mixing the seasoning packet in the gravy was a little gritty. But the magic happens while everything simmers.

The pork chops are juicy and tender, and the gravy has a bold flavor with very little work. Serve with pasta, mashed potatoes, or rice.

We all know casseroles are always a family-favorite dinner and I suggest adding Tonna Canfield’s (Ashland, KY) Pork Chop Potato Casserole to your weekly menu.

“I have been making this recipe for more than 20 years,” shares Tonna. “It is delicious, easy, and a great recipe to serve company. Just add a vegetable and some bread and you have a wonderful meal.”

Out of the oven, the pork chops and potatoes are very tender. Mushroom soup gives the dish a very rich flavor. With only a few ingredients, this is an extremely easy dinner to prepare when in a pinch.

“Recently I purchased a whole pork loin, so I was pressed to figure out what to do with it,” says Torrey Moseley (Dallas, TX). “I cut part of it into 1″ chops and came up with this recipe on the fly. Whatcha know? It’s easy, quick, and actually quite tasty!”

Cranberry orange is a fantastic fall flavor and Torrey’s Balsamic Cranberry Orange Glazed Pork Chops are perfect for the season.

I love the savory pork chops with the glaze. It’s tart from the cranberry sauce, tangy from balsamic vinegar, and has a hint of orange. Once baked, these pork chops are put under the broiler. Broiling them creates a delicious crystallized crust on top.

“This is really easier than it looks when you use a packaged stuffing mix,” thinks Jane Whittaker. “Special enough for company, but easy enough to do on a weeknight.”

Jane’s Stuffed Pork Chops are a fast and easy way to make a splash at dinnertime. Once plated, these look like they took forever to prepare. But, in reality, the hardest part is cutting a pocket into the pork chops for stuffing. They’re delicious.

When wondering what’s for dinner, consider making pork chops. There are many ways to prepare them to suit your family’s preference. What’s your favorite way to prepare pork chops? Let me know below and Happy Pinching!