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Simple Chili Recipes That Just Go With Fall

Bowl of beef chili

Chili and fall just go together. It’s fantastic on those cooler days. Enjoy a bowl on game day. Going trick or treating? It’s great to prepareĀ before you head out. Then a warm meal is ready to enjoy by everyone when you get home. If your love of chili runs deep like mine during this time of year, you need to try these fantastic recipes.

Michelle Cater (Paradise, TX) Lulu’s Chili is dense and delicious.

“This is my recipe that I put together when my kids were little because it is fast and easy,” says Michelle. “I named it after my daughter.”

I used the Ranch Beans and loved the Southwestern flavors. From the stewed tomatoes to the corn (which was optional but I added), there are lots of different textures in this chili.

“Don’t let the long ingredient list scare you off,” shares Monica Valenti (Columbia, SC). “This is a super meaty chili that really satisfies even the heartiest of football fans watching the Sunday game.”

Monica’s Sweet and Spicy Chili is so hearty it’s like three meals in one. There’s a bit of heat from jalapenos, chili powder, and hot sauce. Top with sour cream and cheese, it’s a fantastic bowl of chili.

Your family will be asking for a second bowl after they try Nancy Gregory’s (Macomb, MI) OMG Chili.

“I have the pickiest of eaters in my home….until it’s chili season,” jokes Nancy. “The secret? Read on and see!”

You’ll have to check out the recipe to find out the secret ingredient … but it definitely adds that little something to the chili.

It’s filled with medium and hot chili beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, and black beans. So, it’s packed with beans and they add tons of flavor. There’s just enough heat in each bowl.

“This recipe was passed from my mother to my sister and to me,” reveals Cindy Eggleston (Yuba City, CA). “Each time one of us added a little something different.”

Cindy’s Tipsy Beef Chili is different from any other chili I’ve made and it’s not because of the beer and tequila. Although those are unique ingredients, the meat used in this chili is different and wonderful.

The big chunks of roast cook to tender perfection and soak in all the seasoning and spices. Italian sausage adds a unique flavor. This chili simmers for a while so don’t be in a rush… it’s worth the wait.

If you want to take out your pressure cooker to cook chili, try Julie Madawi’s (Clermont, FL) Maga’s Instant Pot Chili.

“This Instant Pot chili recipe is a family favorite,” explains Julie. “I utilize the pot as a pressure cooker to develop that all-day simmer flavor, then the slow cooker option for convenience.”

Preparing this chili in the Instant Pot makes it taste like you’ve been standing over the oven stirring chili all day. All the flavors and seasonings blend together perfectly.

Roasted chilies add a depth of fantastic flavor that you don’t typically have in chili. Adjust the spices to suit your palate, but we found the spices spot on.

I think I love chili because they’re easy to make. They’re customizable to suit everyone by adding spice or reducing the heat. If none of these suit your taste buds, we’ve got tons of recipes in the Chili collection. Happy Pinching!