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Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas

Roast turkey for easy Thanksgiving dinner menu

This year, I am preparing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It’s really one of my favorite meals of the year. So this week, I’m sharing some traditional dishes (well, one of them may have a twist) that your family will enjoy. Putting together an easy Thanksgiving dinner menu will help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

Preparing turkey in a roasting bag produces a wonderful holiday centerpiece. Rhonda Sine’s (Morgantown, WV) Turkey, Roasting Bag Method recipe proves that.

“No more dry, overcooked turkey,” says Rhonda. “This method may not produce the photo-perfect brown skin shown on the Butterball commercials, but it will guarantee the juiciest, most flavorful turkey you’ve ever served.”

Turkey has to be on your Thanksgiving dinner menu and this is a wonderful holiday centerpiece. It’s simple to do and speeds up the cooking process. Every time the turkey is perfectly tender and juicy.

The seasonings and veggies are basic but add just the right amount of flavor. This recipe is perfect for a beginner cook to the most experienced chef.

If you’re not feeding a crowd and want to prepare something smaller, try Zina Eddy’s (Philadelphia, PA) Turkey Breast With Stuffing and Gravy.

“I love making this for Sunday dinner,” explains Zina. When you feel like Thanksgiving dinner, and it’s not Thanksgiving, this is a go-to recipe.

A super simple all-in-one turkey dinner anyone can make. The turkey breast is juicy and the drippings are absorbed into the stuffing. Jazzing up store-bought gravy with sour cream is a time-saver and adds richness to the gravy.

Tara Guthrie (Sanford, NC) posted her Sweet Potato Casserole Delight that truly is a delight.

“This sweet potato casserole is better than sweet potato pie,” thinks Tara. “The pecan topping is perfect for those who do not like marshmallows in their sweet potato casserole.”

These sweet potatoes are creamy and luscious. The topping is crunchy, sweet, and nutty, giving you that perfect praline flavor. This is a great sweet potato casserole for those who want to skip the marshmallows.

Green bean casserole is always a hit at the holiday table. Blondie Pussycat’s Blondie’s Green Bean Casserole (Not Your Mama’s recipe!) is a great twist on the classic dish.

“After serving the traditional green bean casserole for many years, I decided to change it… my style,” reveals Blondie. “This recipe is my own, and it is not for the faint of heart… very rich and high in calories!”

We all know calories don’t count during the holidays. So don’t give a second thought to this creamy, cheesy, over-the-top green bean casserole. Cream cheese adds tang and the celery adds a bit of crunch. I guarantee people will be going for seconds.

Having a Basic Mashed Potatoes recipe on hand for your holiday meal is a necessity and Karen Feinen’s (Rochester, NY) recipe is a delicious one.

“Potatoes make such a versatile with which to experiment,” shares Karen. “Try adding any combination of the following: chives, chopped bacon, sour cream, onion or garlic powder, cheddar, or Parmesan cheese.”

The mashed potatoes are creamy with just the right amount of butter and milk to make this a rich side dish. Karen gives suggestions of add-ins that can easily be done to suit your preferences. These buttery mashed potatoes are a must-have side dish.

Want more Thanksgiving side dish recipes? Take a look at this article. It’s filled with delicious recipes. Also, you may have noticed I haven’t shared any desserts. Fear not, next week’s Janet’s Notebook will be devoted to Thanksgiving desserts. Happy Pinching!