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Cauliflower Recipes For People Who Don’t Love Cauliflower

Smashed Cauliflower with White Cheddar Sauce

Cauliflower is magical! It’s a natural source of antioxidants, packed with fiber and contains choline (which is essential for learning and memory). It’s delicious and versatile. Cauliflower takes on the flavors added to the recipe.

But, if you asked me as a kid I would tell you cauliflower is boring unless smothered in cheese sauce. Why, because we only ate it steamed. Thankfully, recipes for cauliflower have evolved over the years – as have my taste buds.

Sandy Smith (Buchanan, TN) “just threw together” her Roasted Bacon Cheddar Cauliflower recipe and created a fantastic side dish. The combination of herbs, Parmesan cheese, and bacon grease make the cauliflower amazing. Adding bacon and cheddar cheese takes the recipe over the top.

Everyone always requests Leona Krivda’s (Belle Vernon, PA) Cauliflower, Broccoli Casserole and ask for the recipe. Her casserole is so creamy, I can taste why.

The cream cheese and celery soup melt together and create the creamiest sauce. If you wanted a bit of crunch, sprinkle Panko bread crumbs on top when baking. This would be great served alongside roasted or grilled chicken.

“This recipe is from my aunt,” shares Kathy Joppie (Nashville, MI). “I have made this many times and everyone loves it.” Becky’s Fresh Vegetable Salad is super yummy.

Sweet, tangy, and filled with flavor, I love the dressing. I used grapeseed oil and red wine vinegar to much success. In fact, it would work great with different types of vegetables. With grilling season around the corner, you could serve this with burgers, steaks, etc.

If you want to jazz up potato salad this summer, try Janet Crow’s (Quinwood, WV) Cauliflower Potato Salad. “My favorite part about BBQ season is the side dishes,” says Janet. “This is a wonderful alternative to regular potato salad and is absolutely delicious.”

The flavors in this remind me of a mustard potato salad (which is one of my favorites). I like the idea of using cauliflower instead of potatoes. You can tell you’re not eating a traditional potato salad, but this is just as good. It’s a great low-carb option for your cookout.

“Cauliflower gets a wonderful, mild, creamy flavor when turned into a soup,” explains Heidi Hoerman (Columbia, SC). “This is an easy, healthy, tasty way to incorporate cauliflower into your family’s diet.”

This Cheesy Cream of Cauliflower Soup is a beautiful creamy white and shows really well in a dish with some bright color. Serve it hot with crumbled bacon and chunky croutons… maybe even a little extra shredded cheese and you have a winner!

Ellen Bales’ (Indianapolis, IN) Smashed Cauliflower with White Cheddar Sauce is one of those side dishes that is just so good and makes you feel a little less guilty for eating it.

“This recipe came about because I had accidentally bought two packages of white cheddar cheese instead of the one I had planned to use with potatoes,” says Ellen. “I happened to have some nice organic cauliflower but no regular cheddar, which is my favorite way to prepare it. So, two and two equals four and this recipe was born.”

Some of the taste testers couldn’t even tell it was cauliflower – they thought it was smashed potatoes! It’s creamy, buttery, and of course cheesy. If you prefer yours smoother, a whirl through the food processor would create that texture. This would be a great alternative to mashed potatoes for your Easter meal.

If anyone in your family says they aren’t a fan of cauliflower, I would suggest preparing one of these recipes. I guarantee it will change their minds. Happy Pinching!