Foods to Eat Based on How You’re Feeling

It’s time to eat your feelings…in a good way. Here’s the foods to eat depending on your mood.

Sad or Depressed

Ever wondered what to munch on when you’re feeling down? Here are 5 yummy (and mood-boosting) ideas!

1. Omelet Eggs (especially the yolks) are full of B vitamins and protein, which help govern your mood and make you feel satisfied longer.

2. Baked Potato Rich in Vitamin B, baked potatoes not only taste delicious but also help to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

3. Grilled Cheese Carbs + calcium + yumminess = a serious awesome combo of increasing energy and bettering your mood.

4. Spinach Soup Spinach is full of serotonin, aka “the feel-good neurotransmitter.” Plus it restores energy levels.

5. Banana Nut Bread Bananas, good. Walnuts, good. Bread, good. All of these ingredients are great for when you’re feeling blue. They nurture the brain, increases energy and make you happier.


Because coffee doesn’t always cut it, here are some foods to eat to increase your energy.

1. Oatmeal Whole grains, or complex-carbs, are a great way to perk up and become more alert. Pro tip: pair with peanut butter and bananas for a double jolt of energy.

2. Dark Chocolate Yeah chocolate lovers, eating dark chocolate boosts your energy! Since it contains caffeine, munching on some yummy dark chocolate makes you more alert and improves cognitive functions.

3. Berries Berries, especially blueberries, are notorious for giving you extra energy without adding too much sugar.

4. Salmon With lots of protein, salmon helps to increase your energy and kick start your metabolism.

5. Water Believe it or not, drinking water when you’re sleepy is a MUST. Any form of dehydration causes moodiness and exhaustion, so drink up!


You know when you’re stressed and you crave sugar, gluten and processed foods? Yeah, don’t do that. Eat these foods instead!

1. Green Leafy Veggies Be more optimistic and calm when you eat green leafy veggies – like kale! The more serotonin and dopamine in your system, the better – and that’s what leafy greens give ya.

2. Sweet Potatoes Full of awesome nutrients that make you more optimistic and help destress you. Plus, they give you all the comfort food carbs and sweetness without a blood-sugar spike.

3. Green Tea Ditch stress with every sip of some green tea. With amino acid and a jolt of caffeine, you can count on green tea to make you feel better.

4. Asparagus Okay, so asparagus kind of has a bad rap – it is loved by a select few and is infamous for making things smell odd; however, asparagus is high in folate which helps you relax.

5. Hot Chocolate Warm up your body temperature with some delicious hot cocoa. This will make you feel comfortable and send similar triggers to your brain, helping to calm the stress.