5 Games to Play on Adult Game Night

Get ready for a night full of fun with these great games that are perfect for adults. From charades to cards to dominoes, this list has it all!

1. Fishbowl

Charades meets Catch Phrase in this super fun game – making it one of my all-time favorites! Here’s how you play:
1. Give each player 3-5 blank slips of paper. Then have players write down a different person, place or thing on each. Throw these papers in a hat or bowl to be passed around.
2. There are 3 rounds where each player has 1 minute to get their team to guess as many slips as possible. In each round, you keep playing until all the slips have been used in that round. Once they’ve all been played, that round is over and you put all the slips back in the hat/bowl.
3. The first round is similar to Catch Phrase where you try to get people to guess the answer without saying any of the words. For example, if the answer is “Harry Potter” you could say “wizard with the lightning scar” to try to get your teammates to guess.
4. The second round is where you can only say one word to get people to guess. That is why it is KEY to remember the answers during the first round. Using the “Harry Potter” example again, you could say “wizard” for a clue.
5. The third round is where you can’t say a thing, you have to act it out. This is another round where remembering the previous answers is important to success. To act out “Harry Potter” you could make a lightning scar on your forehead or pretend to be using a wand.
6. The team who gets the most answers during the three rounds wins!

2. Apples to Apples

This is a fun card game to play with your friends and family. Each player has 7 red cards in their hand which they use to respond to the green card. For example, if someone pulls the “Smelly” green card, players could play “New York City” or “Men’s Soccer Team” or “My Family.” The person with the green card gets to pick the one that works best…or just the funniest one! You can buy Apples to Apples here.

If you’re looking for a more “grown up” version, I would highly recommend you play Cards Against Humanity. However I have a warning, it is NOT family friendly and not for the faint of heart – but we had to include it because it is a great time!

But how do I choose? (I chose Daytime TV btw) #applestoapples #turnt #fam

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3. Scattergories

In my personal opinion, this is a very underrated game! We’re big lovers of trivia games (one we didn’t mention in this list is True American, check it out!) and Scattergories forces you to get creative with it. If you’ve never played, click here to learn how!

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4. Dominoes

This is a great go-to game for an adult game night. It’s easy to play this game while talking and laughing and snacking. It’s quite easy to play.
1. First each player picks up 5 dominoes (similar to a card hand).
2. The highest double that someone has that hasn’t been played starts the game. **
3. Everyone uses their dominoes to play off the starting dominoes. If you play on your own string of dominoes, you get to put your “quarter down” – meaning the domino is behind your dominos on the table and no one can play on you. For example, if the double played is a double 11, you must play a domino with an 11 on it. If you don’t have one, you must either draw a domino, or play on someone whose quarter is up (aka their quarter is in front of their dominoes) – meaning they weren’t able to play on their own or someone else’s string.
4. The object is to run out of all the dominoes you have in your hand first. When someone does get rid of all their dominoes, the dominoes still in your hand count as points against you.
5. You keep playing rounds until all the doubles have started the game. The player with the least amount of points wins!

**If no unplayed doubles are drawn, everyone must put their quarter up and draw one until someone finds one.

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5. Phase 10

If you’re a fan of rummy and a fan of Uno, then this is a great game for you! The goal is to be the first person out of cards in each phase (or hand) because the cards in your hand count against you. There are 10 phases (again, or hands) that require you to play certain sets and/or runs. While this might seem like traditional rummy, there are also wilds and skips to make playing a bit more challenging! Click here to purchase Phase 10 for your next adult game night!

Did we forget one? Share in the comments below!