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Strawberry Lime Slush Recipe

Strawberry Lime Slush

Ashley Dearmore
By Ashley Dearmore

If you love tangy and sweet strawberries this is for you! This is a adult strawberry...

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Strawberry Moscato Lemonade Recipe

Strawberry Moscato Lemonade

Family Favorites
By Family Favorites

A wonderfully refreshing beverage to serve after dinner on a hot summer's night or to guests...

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Raw Spices
By Raw Spices

This awesome summer ice cream recipe comes courtesy of our friend Lindsay at Scoop Adventures, who...

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Adult Pudding Shots (10 Assorted) Recipe

Adult Pudding Shots (10 Assorted)

Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)
By Kimmi Knippel (Sweet_Memories)

I did some web searching & found these variations... Jello shots have been a party favorite for...

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Drunken Sangria Recipe

Drunken Sangria

Jennifer Qualls
By Jennifer Qualls

The beauty of Sangria is that you can truly make it your own and is seemingly...

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Mama's Summertime Lemonade Recipe

Mama's Summertime Lemonade

Renée G.
By Renée G.

Mama would never dream of sculling up her lemonade with alcohol... However, I say, it’s okay to...

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Troys extremely  HOT  Hot sause Recipe

Troys extremely " HOT " Hot sause

Troy Pirt
By Troy Pirt

"WARNING" "WARNING" "WARNING" This sause is extremely "HOT" use caution when using. Keep out of reach of...

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Lumumba  (A warm Swiss Cocktail) Recipe

Lumumba (A warm Swiss Cocktail)

Lynn Dine
By Lynn Dine

A recipe I found on myswitzerland.com while searching for yummy recipes for our Culinary Quest.

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Ginger Tea Recipe

Ginger Tea

Stephanie Jameson
By Stephanie Jameson

Everytime I make this simple drink I always end up giving out the recipe.

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Lemonade Sangria Recipe

Lemonade Sangria

Laura Tokar
By Laura Tokar

This is great for those warm spring (or) summer days coming up and is super refreshing....

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