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Homemade Italian Cream Sodas Recipe

Homemade Italian Cream Sodas

Vickie Parks
By Vickie Parks

This is a fairly standard recipe found on several websites for making Italian Cream Sodas at...

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Maple and Honey and Cream, Oh My! Recipe

Maple and Honey and Cream, Oh My!

Annacia *
By Annacia *

A coffee drink. Heavy on the maple syrup for this creamy coffee drink. Fresh local maple...

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Iced Tea Punch Recipe

Iced Tea Punch

Carie Turner
By Carie Turner

My mother-in-law made Iced Tea Punch for my wedding rehersal dinner. Folks have always enjoyed...

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Bonnie D.
By Bonnie D.

This is the best margarita you will ever drink! It took a while to fine-tune this...

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Irish Cream Liquor Recipe

Irish Cream Liquor

Lillian Russo
By Lillian Russo

I got this recipe from my husbands co-worker. She would make this for us every Christmas,...

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Golden Milk ( Ayurvedic drink) Recipe

Golden Milk ( Ayurvedic drink)

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart

This drink is for Arthritis. Call turmeric a jack-of-all-trades—it’s one of the most versatile of all...

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