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Kamikaze Jello Shots Recipe

Kamikaze Jello Shots

Lynn Arocho
By Lynn Arocho

A friend of mine started making these years ago along with "regular" Jello shots, these were...

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Iced Coffee Frappe Recipe

Iced Coffee Frappe

Cindi B.
By Cindi B.

Boy was this a treat! Sydney Mike at food.com, inspired me to make this iced coffee...

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Vanilla Mocha Iced Coffee Recipe

Vanilla Mocha Iced Coffee

Cindi B.
By Cindi B.

This Vanilla-Mocha Iced Coffee is delicious topped with whipped cream. But, I also make two versions...

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Iced Tea Punch Recipe

Iced Tea Punch

Carie Turner
By Carie Turner

My mother-in-law made Iced Tea Punch for my wedding rehersal dinner. Folks have always enjoyed...

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Fruit Sangria Recipe

Fruit Sangria

Shonda Love
By Shonda Love

I had never had Sangria before. My friends had came over for an all girls night....

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Carmel/Mocha Frappe Recipe

Carmel/Mocha Frappe

Jan Mullikin
By Jan Mullikin

If you like the popular fast-food frappe, you'll like this recipe. You make the mix,...

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