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A bowl of Sweet Red Potato Salad.

Sweet Red Potato Salad

I created this by combining two other recipes and giving it my own "tweaking." ...

A small bowl of Streusel Yam Casserole.

Streusel Yam Casserole

This creamy yam casserole has been handed down for generations. I have taken the honor ...

A platter of from scratch Candied Yams.

Candied Yams

Candied yams (sweet potatoes) are a must for the holidays. Gotta love that country cooking!

Scooping the Candied Yams From Scratch.

Candied Yams From Scratch (Sweet Potatoes)

Water is not needed to boil the yams, although you should add about 3 tablespoons ...

A platter of Yam Biscuits.

Yam Biscuits

This is another mystery-recipe, don't know where it came from. I save them from newspapers, ...

Yam Chicken Carbonara

This is a very simple twist of italian chicken carbonara, without pasta because I can't ...

Teacherman's Sweet Potato-Coconut Soup

This easy, "souper" healthy soup combines two of my favorite things: coconut and sweet potatoes. ...

Made up some Yam-A-Lo for dinner. This was taken 05/15/2012.

Lizzie's Favorite Yam- A- LO Recipe

My daughter Lizzie makes this up every Thanksgiving. I love this stuff.

Golden Yam Bisque, absolutely divine!

Golden Yam Bisque

I first had this soup at Sweet Tomatoes and had to have the recipe. This ...

Whole roasted Yams w/ Maple-allspice butter

This is super easy and it is wonderful! I have made the yams whole, and ...