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Catfish Ain't Got Nuthin' On Me!

Pami Toll avatar
By Pami Toll
Tasty deep fried and sticky sweet catfish, my own version.
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The best way to make a good old catfish!

Deep Fried Catfish W/ Appalichian Cole Slaw

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By Gina Davis
Lord we love us some catfish here, well really all fish here. Me and my ...
So yummy

Deep Fried Catfish Bites With A Kickback Sauce

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
I love good catfish, and these have just the right amount of flavor in the ...
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Texas Roadhouse Fried Catfish Recipe

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By Jo Ann Duren
This is a Copycat Recipe.

Southern Fried Catfish With Hush Puppies

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By Tammy Raynes
Southern hospitality just wouldn't be the same with this delicious dish. Every southern woman knows ...
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so yummy

Baked Southern Catfish With A Twist

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
First of all I LOVE fried catfish. I remember hot Summer eves alongside the Mississippi ...

Down South Fried Catfish

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By Jennifer J
When I was 19 and pregnant with my daughter, her great-grandmother asked if I knew ...
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Fried Catfish Fillets

Fried Catfish Fillets

Tammy Raynes avatar
By Tammy Raynes
Not very many folks in the south that don't love a mess of fried catfish. ...
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Pecan Butter Catfish

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By Debbie Quimby
Catfish is a staple of Southern diet and joy to a Southerner's taste buds. This ...
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Breaded Catfish sauteed and topped with fresh lump crab meat and hollandaise sauce.

Catfish Britt

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By Iris Bonanno
Breaded catfish sauteed and topped with fresh crab meat and Hollandaise sauce. Family favorite. ...
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My Fried Catfish W/ Homemade Nuggets

Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
In 1950, and after watching grandpa Curl skin the big ole catfish he just caught ...
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Buttermilk Battered Catfish

Pat Duran avatar
By Pat Duran
Southern fried catfish. This is a tribute to a great Southern fried catfish. You ...
(5 ratings)

Fried Fish Filets - Catfish, Talapia

Gail Welch avatar
By Gail Welch
I worked at a hospital for years and the cafeteria served crispy fried catfish nearly ...
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Fried Fish Fillets (catfish, Swai, Flounder, Etc)

Bea L. avatar
By Bea L.
You can fry any fish this way. Our favorites in particular are catfish, swai and ...
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Delicious baked catfish I made & baked cabbage steaks, fabulous!

Southern Oven-fried Catfish

Nancy Kellermann avatar
By Nancy Kellermann
My family loves fried catfish and I found a healthier version so we can have ...
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