CATFISH aint got nuthin on me!

Pami Toll


Tasty deep fried and sticky sweet catfish.. my own version .. by Pami Toll

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20 Min
20 Min


2 lb
fresh catfish cut into about 2 inch bits
1/2 c
honey, clover is sweet
1 c
canola or safflower oil
2 c
flour. good old white enriched
1/2 tsp
each, baking powder, salt, pepper , garlic , cumin, cumin, cumin, and cayenne pepper to taste
eggs beaten in a bowl
bottle of your favorite hot sauce


1Cut your catfish into about 2 inch chunks
Beat two eggs into a one bowl.. then have a second larger bowl, pour in flour, baking powder, seasonings. If you like it REAL Spicy add way more cayenne. I add a little and let people season on their plates for hotter. Once you over spice it you cant undo it.. Dip the catfish into the egg mixture and then into the flour mixture. An Alternative I do is get a premade CAJUN fish mix and use that instead of my own.. but I follow up at the end as my own version. I like mine spicy!
2Take a large frying pan and heat on a medium low heat Safflower or canola oil, you do NOT WANT TO DROWN your pieces like in a deep fry.. just saute them lightly till cooked due to the last step. you dont want the fish submerged in the oil.
Dip the fish pieces into the egg,,, and then into the flour and seasonings.. Shake some hot sauce on top while in the hot oil.. Fry the pieces on the first side until crispy but not blackened.. keep turning the pieces so they dont burn..
When on the second side.. And mostly finished by the crunch and medium brown crust.. Drizzle the honey over the Pieces in the hot pan and oil.. you smell that sweetness rise up.. turn the pieces so both sides are coated. .dont need much time for this.. and you dont want to burn it.. Drizzle the honey again..
Then remove the catfish pieces and drain off..
Place on a serving platter or plates and drizzle just a bit more over the top with honey and a hit of hot sauce to boot.
3Serve with rice or Chili and a hot cornbread.. Delish!
Serve with a dish of honey and bottle of hot sauce on the table!