Asian Vegetable Soup Recipes

Egg Drop Soup

By Jean Romero
Another great recipe from my love for Asian foods. This is so easy to make, this...

Wild Thang... Ashton with a big eggplant

By Colleen Sowa
Ashton love going to the garden... this is what he found this day.... a big eggplant......

Spicy Coconut Curry Mussels

By Nicky Ayala
I love Mussels!!! One evening after being tired of the same ol' French steamed Mussel Recipe....

Shitake Hot and Sour Soup

By Jean Romero
This recipe I got from the Dr. Oz show, and we have tried it and it...


By Bobbi Gulla
I use this on everything!!! I mean evrything, meat, chick, fish, vegetables, fruits. My Grandmon used...

Vegtable Hot Pot

By alberta smith
Best soup for cold,inside or out.

What is Heavy Cream?

By JoSele Swopes
Functions and Uses Heavy cream, or heavy whipping cream, is used for filling baked goods and...

Homestyle Chicken or Vegetable stock

By Eddie Szczerba
Hi all! During the winter months there's a lot of soups,bisques and chowders being cooked up...

Roasted Butternut and Lentil Soup

By Angela Nair
My family love this soup - we have a No Meat Tuesday and I make this...

Salt - The Spice of Life

By JoSele Swopes
For every meal there is one thing people generally reach for before they even take a...


This soup is great to have chilled on a hot day or hot on a cold...

30-Minute Seafood Soup

Prepared with a tasty tomato base, your family will love every spoonful of this palate-pleasing pottage...

Asian Noodle Bowl

By barbara lentz
This broth is so light and tasty. This reminds me of comfort food. Even in the...

Spinach and Mushroom Noodle Bowl

By barbara lentz
Quick and easy and so good. Light taste and good for you ingredients.

Mushroom Miso Soup

By barbara lentz
Me and my Asian inspired soups it's an obsession.

Turmeric and Garlic Detox Soup

By barbara lentz
Turmeric has wonderful health benefits including anti inflammatory and liver detox. It lowers cholesterol and helps...

Carrot - Ginger Soup

By Beverley Williams
I got this delicious recipe from my friend Barbara. I reduced the sodium and changed it...

Vegetarian Miso Noodle Soup w Shiitake & Greens

By barbara lentz
Delicious. This can easily be changed up to a chicken noodle dish by omitting the tofu...

Watercress & Tamari Soup

By Amy Herald
This is pictured with baby spinach instead of watercress, as apparently it is still out of...
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