Chowder Recipes

A bowl of Potato Chowder Supreme.

Potato Chowder Supreme

Easy and quick to make. Your family will love this rich and creamy potato chowder ...

Delicious, fast and easy to make

Creamy Potato Soup

This creamy, warm-your-soul, soup is perfect for a cold winter day. Easy to prepare with ...

Corn Chowder with Bacon

I love fresh corn on the cob, but rarely buy enough extra to make into ...

So yummy

Soup Essentials: Versatile Chowder Base

Seafood chowder is not just about the seafood; it is about that great base of ...

Traci's Famous New England Clam Chowder in a bread bowl.

Traci's Famous New England Clam Chowdahhhh

I hope you enjoy this as much as our family and friends have for years! ...

Corn Chowder with Ginger & Coriander

If you like that spicy bite from ginger -- you'll enjoy this chowder. Feel ...

Two bowls of Tex-Mex Chicken and Corn Chowder.

Tex-Mex Chicken and Corn Chowder

Perfect for the upcoming cold weather.

So yummy

Comfort Essentials: Leftover Ham and Potato Soup

As I pen these words, it is Christmas Eve, and large flakes of snow are ...

A bowl of soup sitting on a blue plate with some bread slices in the background.

Bay Scallop Chowder

This amazing dish is not only easy and tasty but comforting as well. It can ...

Creamy Cabbage Chowder

If you like cabbage you will really enjoy this chowder. We saw a recipe for a ...

Bowl of chowder showing various vegetables and chicken.

Elote Chicken Chowder

A deliciously vibrant fusion of a summertime treat and a hearty winter comfort food, this ...

Hot Dog Potato Cheese Soup

My husband loved this soup. It is cheesy, hearty soup with a smoky flavor.

A bowl of Janny's Corn Chowder.

Janny’s Corn Chowder

A family favorite on a cold and chilly day!

A slow cooker of Crock Pot Chicken

Crock Pot Chicken Pot "Pie" & Dumplings

This is one of the best (and easiest) chicken and dumpling recipes that I have ...

Perfect for a chilly night!

Betty's Bavarian potato and sausage soup

A thick, creamy and fragrant German soup filled with bacon, sausages and vegetables. This is ...

A bowl of Kelly's Kick'n MD Seafood Chowder.

Kelly's Kick'n MD Seafood Chowder

This seafood chowder comes together very quickly and can be easily adapted to crab chowder ...

Creamy Corn, potato & ham chowder

Creamy Corn, Potato, Ham & Cheese Chowder

Creamy comfort chowder. Easy and so good.

A bowl of Loaded Baked Potato Soup with cheese, bacon, and green onions sprinkled on top.

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Had baked potatoes on the menu. Used leftovers for potato salad and sometimes had more ...

Quickie Ham and Corn Chowder

This is one of my favorites to make on days when I don't really feel ...

Easy Manhattan Clam Chowder

No chopping and dicing needed. If you prefer a creamier texture, stir in 1/3 ...

Potato  Corn Chowder in a bowl ready to eat!

Potato Corn Chowder

This is a down home comfort chowder. We love it with garlic bread and ...

So yummy

Cooking for Two Essentials: Yummy Crab Soup

Spent the evening and the wee hours of the morning working on a couple of ...

A bowl filled with chowder.

Corn Chowder

Easy to make, this flavorful Corn Chowder is a must try during the cold winter ...

A bowl filled with chowder sitting on an orange table mat with a dish towel in the background.

West Coast Smoked Salmon Chowder

There's nothing better than a chowder for your soul! This recipe is loaded with flavor ...