World Food Championships 2016

World Food Championships 2016

Knives are being sharpened and recipes tested. Find out which members are heading to the 2016 World Food Championships in Orange Beach, AL!

Rich And Creamy Shrimp And Bacon Mac And Cheese.

Decadent Shrimp and Bacon Mac and Cheese

I created this recipe for my husband. He was convinced he hated mac and cheese. I...
Ribbons Of Zucchini With Beautiful Yellow Dots Of Fresh Corn And Yellow Cherub Tomatoes

Yellow Polka Dot Zucchini Side

By Lori McLain
The Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini song is one of my favorites... so...
Cookie Using The Hot Pepper Jelly And The Lime Drizzle.

Cookies Caliente with Salty-Sweet Lime Drizzle

By Nancy Judd
This is a beautiful cookie that is literally a flavor burst in your mouth. They are...
Blazin' Bbq Traditional Red Chili

Blazin' BBQ Traditional Red Chili

By Lori Frazee
I'm quite the "Chili Head" known locally as having the ability to eat nuclear waste,...
Three Amigos Chili

"Three Amigos Chili"

By Darci Bos
This chili is by far the best I have ever had! I am not being biased...
Here's A Shot Of My Top Ten Winning Recipe At The 2015 World Food Championships! Blackberry Hoisin Dutch Apple Baby With Blackberry Hoisin Syrup!

Dutch Apple Baby with Blackberry Hoisin Bacon

By Rebecka Evans
This is my entry for the World Food Championships Recipe Contest Category BACON! This sweet and...
Garam Masala Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Garam Masala Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

By Brenda Washnock
When working on desserts I like to bring something unexpected, as in this cupcake using Garam...
Peaches N’ Sour Cream Pound Cake Bread Pudding

Peaches N’ Sour Cream Pound Cake Bread Pudding

By Greg Buerger
This recipe uses prepared pound cake and sour cream to create a dessert that has ...
Southern Gentleman's Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Southern Gentleman's Grilled Cheese Sandwich

By Amy Freeze
During a grilled cheese date night battle, my husband wanted a grilled cheese with pulled pork,...
Caprese And Shrimp Cocktail Sandwich

Caprese and Shrimp Cocktail Sandwich

By Hidemi Walsh
I got inspired by shrimp cocktail. I thought I could make a good sandwich with them....
Chorizo, Bacon Cheddarburger

Chorizo, Bacon Cheddarburger

By George Levinthal
BOOM!! That sound you just heard was a flavor bomb going off in your mouth after...
Sirloin And Pork Burger With Blue Cheese Slaw

Sirloin and Pork Burger with Blue Cheese Slaw

By Shea Goldstein
This burger has multiple elements of huge flavor - the burger itself made with both beef...
Seared Cod With Cilantro Lime Rice

Seared Cod with Cilantro Lime Rice

By John Barnes
This dish tastes as good as it looks. The Char flavor on the seared cod gives...
Bacon Shrimp & Tomato Salad On Garlic Bacon Toast

Bacon Shrimp & Tomato Salad on Garlic Bacon Toast

By Andreann Geise
Who doesn’t love the smell of cooking bacon, that nice crisp salty meaty flavor that reminds...
Blackened New York Steak With Sweet Potato Butter

Blackened New York Steak with Sweet Potato Butter

By Jasmin Stewart-Harbin
This is a great steak for a quick steak night with family, no grill required. Blackened...
Blueberry Brunch Cheesecake

Blueberry Brunch Cheesecake

By Nancy A.
This Blueberry Brunch Cheesecake is so unique and delicious, with its scrumptious waffle crust, creamy, sweet...