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Here's to a Healthy New Year

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Happy New Year! Say goodbye to 2013, 2014 is here. With the end of 2013 came a few extra pounds from all the delicious food I ate this holiday season. I'm not complaining - I LOVED every single bite and calorie.

We all know the traditional New Year's meals: pork, black eyed peas, greens, beans, noodles, etc...

But, in addition to the tried and true dishes, I'm going to start off the rest of my new year on a healthy note. Here are a few recipes I plan on making.

I love Carla Mackey's Asian Lettuce Wraps. Anything I can eat with my hands is fun for me, and these wraps pack a punch of protein. "I needed to get creative with ways to eat 8 oz of protein and 2 cups of veggies every night," says Carla. The flavor of these chicken wraps is so good. Just adjust the spice to suit your taste.

Everyone in your family will ask for seconds after they try Jennifer Bass' Chicken Margherita with Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette. Using whole wheat pasta is one way Jennifer made this healthier. This is a really hearty, but light meal.

Tabbouleh Salad was something that I used to be afraid of. There are such big flavors in there it had to be hard to make. Well, Marianne Gleason's recipe showed me it isn't. I let this wonderful salad rest a bit after preparing it and when I got to dig in, the bulgur had softened to perfection. This is great to make for a light lunch.

Pizza isn't going to be on my menu this month. But what will be are Katie Fairless' Skinny Pizza Rolls. All the flavor of pizza with less of the guilt! "I love to create healthy alternatives to the most craved foods," says Katie. These are really easy to throw together when that pizza craving hits (because I know it will!).

Want to get more fish into your diet this year? I love the technique Brenda Clark uses for her Foil Envelope Fish. The fish turned out perfectly light and tender, and the added hint of lemon was delicious. Even on a hectic day, I can find time to whip up this recipe.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ... that's what we are always told. Sometimes it's hard to sit down and have a proper breakfast. Jewel Hall's Good For You Breakfast Bars are perfect for a busy day. "Full of nutrition, fiber and taste," says Jewel of these bars of perfection. Jewel's recipe is proof that "good for you" can be delicious too!

I can still have cookie while eating healthier? Sign me up! Anna Messina's The Best Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are so high on flavor you'd never know they're low on guilt. "With only 85 calories per cookie, you can indulge in a few," says Anna. I think I ate 3 of them...the combination of oatmeal and chocolate had me going back for more.

This year one of my resolutions is to eat healthy. Everything in moderation I say. I'm looking forward to searching out some new recipes to put into my recipe box. What recipes do you plan on trying?

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Suzanne Mann - Jan 4, 2014
I simply must cut down on calories and fats BUT at the same time pass the recipe off as very,, very similar to the ones my meat and potato guys want when they are home for meals. So I will be trying a lot of new twists and turns to my old recipes and look for new ones.
Bea L. - Jan 4, 2014
Mary Anne, scroll up and click on the cooking community tab. You will see a list of groups you can join. I recommend clicking on most popular to see the lists of the most active groups. You can ask all kinds of questions in those groups. I hope to see you in Chatterbox. Welcome!
Cindy Alexander - Dec 31, 2013
I found this. It's close, sort of. :)
Mary Anne Kluessendorf - Dec 31, 2013
I am new to JAP - is there an area to "ask questions" that I am not seeing ??

I am trying to find a recipe that appeared in one of the Ladies' magazines in and around 1965-1969 - it is a simple recipe for plain old hot dogs -- all I can remember is that you sliced the hot dogs across but not all the way thru - and they simmered in a great sauce and curled up to fit a "hamburger" bun and then there was a good mustard (I think!) sauce that you put on it.

Anyone recognize this recipe ??? Would love to have the recipe -- just one of those "memories" from the past!!

Thanks - Happy New Year

Mary Anne