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Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Tomatoes

Unfried Fried Green Tomato and Squash


I've said it before and I will say it again - I LOVE tomatoes. When they are ripe and juicy, you can eat them as a snack (I may be known to do this from time to time...). On their own, tomatoes are great. But once you start cooking with them, the taste factor goes to a whole new level.

Many, many southerners LOVE their fried green tomatoes, and I'm one of them! Home cook Cathy Tate's Unfried Fried Green Tomato and Squash recipe is just up my alley. "Being from the South, I do love my fried foods! I've had to learn to cook low fat due to health reasons and these 'almost fried' vegetables are pretty close to the real thing." This North Carolina native bowled me over with these wonderful low-guilt tomatoes. I may place a few extra of these on my BLT sandwich tonight. So simple and tasty!

And speaking of tasty, there is nothing better than homemade tomato sauce. Sharon Antoniak of Powell, OH has an Italian Tomato Sauce recipe that really hits the mark with just the right amount of herbs and delectable, tomato-y kick. "You can adjust the amount of herbs you add to the sauce and make it your own. The longer you cook it, the better it gets!" This is a favorite sauce for her family and friends and the Test Kitchen can see why. This sauce would also freeze wonderfully. Package portions in freezer-safe containers. That way you can use the tomatoes when they are in season, but enjoy their delicious taste long after the vines give up.

Now, nothing says comfort food to me more than tomato soup with grilled cheese. Vail Bee of Orange County, CA says her Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup recipe is "good for any time of year - a picnic in the park or next to a fire in the Winter." I think she's right. Vail has managed to kick the taste factor up a few notches in this classic favorite. The little bit of extra effort (and cheese!) for this one is worth it. Tomato heaven!

Nikki Smith, of Hemet, CA, has a Caprese Pizza recipe that is quick, easy and something I can whip up whenever I have a tomato craving (which is often!). Nikki says this recipe is "simple but elegant" and I would second that. Mozzarella and tomatoes are one of the classic flavor combinations that can simply do no wrong. Here, Nikki offers up a wonderfully easy and versatile recipe for serving this amazing taste combo.

Speaking about amazing taste combinations ... this one seals the deal! "I made this Rustic Tomato Tart last night and everyone wanted to know when I was going to make it again. It is crossed between a tart and a pizza. My younger son really liked it because he is a vegetarian." says Betty Graves of Germantown, TN. This is a great and tasty go-to recipe to serve to any vegetarians you may know. But, even the biggest meat eater will love this tart.

So after the side dishes, sauces, soup, pizza and tarts, how might a girl use tomatoes in a more classic dessert? Sandy Mika knows! Her mom used to make a Mock Apple Crisp that has so many tasty memories for her. "My mother used to make this for us when we were kids, she made this with the green tomatoes from her garden." says Sandy, of Chicago, IL. Tomatoes in a dessert? Why not! You can really fool your friends with this one. They won't believe that they are eating green tomatoes and not apples! This was one memorable - and tasty - dessert for me.

From green to Roma, beefsteak to cherry, and sun-dried to heirloom, there is a type of tomato for every dish! Hopefully one of these recipes will tickle your tomato fancy.

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Eddie Jordan - Sep 6, 2013
This is just some of the tomatoes GOD blessed me with.

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Eddie Jordan - Sep 6, 2013
Yellow pear tomatoes coming out my ears,but love it

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