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Remembering Dad's Favorite Recipes This Father's Day

My Father's Favorite Gingerbread

Recipes are memories. When we make them, we're transported back to a specific time or make us think of a special person.

For me, one bite of a juicy steak and I think of my father cooking up a feast at his grill. I can't think of a better way to celebrate all the father's out there than sharing some memorable recipes that remind us of dad.

"My husband talks and talks about his Dad's Ribs n Rice," shares Tracy Joyner (Gallatin, TN). It is a very happy memory for him - a lot of his memories of growing up are food related!"

I was really surprised at how good this ribs recipe is with minimal ingredients. This cut of meat tends to be a little tough, but cooking it this way makes it just fall apart. It gets nice and caramelized. The glaze is a bit tangy, slightly sweet and perfect. Everyone will love this.

"I began baking as a child and this is one of the first things I baked," explains Kathleen Hagood (Gorman, TX). "Grandmother Ada's Gingerbread was one of my father's two favorite things in the world. No matter how I did, he always said my gingerbread was wonderful."

One bite and I see why this was Kathleen's father's favorite gingerbread. Soft and fluffy with the perfect blend of spices, it's pretty amazing. Great for a light dessert or even a snack if guests are only dropping in. It's a memorable recipe.

Nothing says comfort quite like good buttermilk pancakes and they're even sweeter when they remind you of someone special. "My grandpa created this pancake recipe," says Jennifer Presley (Hales Corners, WI). "Whenever we went to visit, he would make a point of making these."

Papa's Buttermilk Pancakes are some of the best I've ever had. Super light and super flavorful, each bite will put a smile on your face. I can't think of a better way to start the day.

"This is a family favorite that conjures up memories of my father and summers as a kid visiting relatives on the Coney Island boardwalk," reminisces Linda Dalton (Stoughton, MA). "After a full day of activities, we'd sip red chowder from paper cups, then I'd conk out in the backseat of my parent's Studebaker on the ride home to Long Island."

There're so many veggies and flavor in Linda's Ye Olde Daddy's Clam Chowder recipe, it's unlike any chowder I've ever had. While Linda's recipe has evolved since her dad made it, the core Manhattan Clam Chowder flavors are there - as are the memories.

Thankfully, Rose Mary Mogan's (Sauk Village, IL) father-in-law shared his famous beef stew recipe with her. "In my opinion, my father-in-law made the best beef stew I had ever eaten," thinks Rose Mary. "Every time I make it for the family it reminds me of him."

Pure, stewy perfection, we're lucky she shared her Father N Law's V-8 Beef Stew recipe with all of us! Using V-8 juice as a base, she adds veggies, meat, a bit of red wine and fabulous spices.

Is there a recipe that reminds you of your father? Makes sure to share it with us. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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