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The Perks of Baking With Coffee

Chocolate Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream

Not sure about you, but my morning does not begin until I finish a cup of coffee. There’s something about the smell that lets me open my eyes and officially start the day. But it’s not just for drinking anymore!

In all my years in the kitchen, I’ve learned it’s great for baking too. If you add a bit of coffee to some recipes, it can really perk up the flavor.

Laura Spencer-Whitacre (The Dalles, OR) has a theory that “chocolate slows down the aging process” and, personally, I love that theory. The addition of coffee intensifies the flavors in her Favorite Chocolate Mousse.

Laura’s chocolate mousse is creamy, delicious and super easy to prepare. And, since chocolate is anti-aging you won’t feel guilty about having and extra bite or two. Right?

Thanks to sour cream and buttermilk, Denise Fisher’s (Santa Rosa, CA) Chocolate Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream are so moist. “I make a lot of cupcakes,” explains Denise, “and these are a favorite for everyone.”

While I love the cupcake itself, it’s the coffee buttercream that shines for my taste buds. It is fabulous! The coffee flavor is subtle and delicious. I’d suggest doubling the coffee buttercream recipe… you may find yourself eating it by the spoonful.

“This Coffee Meringue Cream Pie tastes like a creamy cup of coffee, kind of a buttery caramel flavor,” thinks Nancy Allen (St. Louis, MO). If you love coffee, you’ll love this pie.

The coffee flavor really comes through. The meringue on top is light and creamy. This pie is quick and easy to make. Great if you’re heading out to a cookout this weekend.

It’s really hard to believe that Tammy Brownlow’s (Dallas, TX) LC Decadent Chocolate Cake with Coffee Mousse is low carb… it’s so good! “It is an amazing dessert with the rich flavors of day chocolate and coffee,” shares Tammy. “It would be perfect for date night, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or any special occasion.”

Tammy’s dark chocolate cake is very rich and decadent. The mousse is creamy and filled with wonderful coffee flavor. Oh yum, it’s quite a special treat.

Barbara Estabrook (Rhineland, WI) includes coffee in each layer of her Coffee Laced Ginger Molasses Cookies. “My buttery ginger molasses cookie is nicely spiced and a re-make of a molasses cookie I loved as a child,” reminisces Barbara. “My addition to the batter is instant gourmet coffee crystals and minced crystallized ginger.”

This is not your ordinary molasses cookie recipe. Coffee and ginger really kick the flavors up a notch. Barbara also includes a drizzle on top made from brown sugar and coffee. It’s amazing! Try them right from the oven … trust me, they’re good.

One bite of Debbie Wright’s (Sulphur, LA) Oh My Mocha Cookies and your friends will be saying “oh my.” “This cookie has a combo of two of my favorite things – chocolate and coffee,” says Debbie. “They are very chocolatey and have a hint of coffee.”

By starting with a boxed chocolate cake mix, these whip up in a snap. When testing, I used a triple fudge cake mix for the cookies. Combined with the chocolate chips, it’s a true chocolate lover’s dream. The added hint of coffee flavor is subtle and delicious.

Coffee’s not just something you drink at breakfast anymore! Incorporate coffee into your baking and everyone will be buzzing about your recipes. Happy Pinching!