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Flavorful Chicken Wings Are Our Favorite Football Fare

Wings Worth the Wait!

Are you ready for some football? I know I am! I cheer for my favorite college and pro teams, but really I love football season for the food. Chili, burgers, chili dip, pretzels ... I love it all. But, to me, no tailgate is complete without chicken wings.

Wings are my favorite. Drop 'em in the fryer, add some hot sauce and I'm happy (and don't forget the bleu cheese dressing on the side!). But, these days, chicken wings have gone to a whole new flavor level.

The wing sauce on Cynthia Sigler's Korean Chicken Wings is scrumptious. "Everyone loves these when I make them, they are usually the first to go," shares Cynthia. We loved this sauce so much so, in fact, that we decided to soak our second batch of wings directly in the sauce while they were still hot. It made them a lot messier, but oh-so-good! The soy sauce, garlic, ginger and scallions add great flavor, while the sugar adds a nice sweetness.

"These wings are delicious - a bit of heat and a bit of sweet," explains Teresa Clayton when describing her Wings Worth the Wait! recipe. "My husband talks me into making them every Sunday for the football games." These wings are fried and baked. It gives a nice crunch to the wings. The sauce is really good too. It has some heat, but not too much. Teresa mentions leftovers are yummy. These are so tasty, I don't think you'll have any left!

I love that Mary Ann Hanson's Slow Baked Chicken Wings are baked (making them a bit better for us!). The slow baking made the meat just fall off the bone. "My family has eaten these right out of the pan right from the oven because they are so good," says Mary Ann. The sauce won me over on these wings. It's really good, and different. Who would have thought to put french dressing in wing sauce? The Kitchen Crew gobbled these up and I'm sure your guests will too.

Why not throw wings onto the grill? Heather Johnson and Angela Gray do! Grilling adds a great extra flavor boost to their recipes.

"I made these marinated wings on the fly (pun intended) for a Sunday afternoon cookout," explains Heather. "I didn't have enough of the one type of marinade so I made my own." Well, the marinade she came up with for her Ginger Lime Chicken Wings makes this recipe. Ginger and lime are a wonderful combo and give these wings a ton of flavor!

Angela Gray's Orange Glazed Chicken Wings do not disappoint. "The orange marmalade and the lime juice are a tangy combo," says Angela. "And the hot sauce is the surprise kick!" The orange marinade and sticky orange glaze is unusual and made these wings so tasty. These wings are definitely gooey so make sure to have some wet naps on hand. These would be great at your next tailgate.

Kick-off a full-flavored football season with a few of these chicken wing recipes. You'll definitely earn extra points with the crowd! I'm curious ... what's your favorite tailgate food?

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My family does NOT like chicken wings (we're a breast family)♥
Shirley Anderson - Sep 5, 2014
Isn't this slot of work for a small amount of meat could you do large pieces or drum sticks even?
Teresa G - Sep 3, 2014
Everyone always loves these CHEWY OATMEAL COOKIES

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Karina Mikiti - Sep 3, 2014
Perfect thanks.
Carol Harpel - Sep 2, 2014
My favorite 'tail gate recipe' is --- A nice, quiet, sit down restaurant that serves good Steaks, Sides and Wine!! Minus the wings and beans, dips and salsa, hot, tarred parking lots, too hot, too rainy, too darn cold, too much snow, too crowded with too many beer soaked QB wannabes!!
Teresa G - Sep 2, 2014
One of our favorites CHEDDAR SAUSAGE BALLS

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