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Gourmet Sandwiches for Lunch or Dinner

Gourmet Sandwich Recipes for Lunch or Dinner

Sandwiches are a favorite in my house because they’re versatile. Different ingredients and bread transform the flavors of a sandwich. And, sometimes I crave them. I can go to my local deli and pick one up, but have you seen the prices these days? A basic turkey and cheese sandwich can cost at least $7 where I live. Right now, I’m looking to save wherever I can and I know I can easily make multiple gourmet sandwiches for lunch or dinner at a fraction of the cost.

My family loves roasted vegetables. But before I tried Cheryl Neubecker’s (La Mesa, CA) Roasted Garden Veggie Sandwich, I had never made a sandwich with them before. It’s now a staple in warmer weather for me.

“In the summer everything is so delicious coming from the garden,” thinks Cheryl. “Roasting veggies brings out all the wonderful natural flavors.”

This is very fresh and filled with roasted zucchini, tomatoes, and eggplant. Top with goat cheese or provolone – both are delish! Basil only adds to the freshness of this sandwich.

“The birth of this sandwich in my house came from the fact that we were looking forward to bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches one night for dinner and my husband forgot to bring the bread home,” reveals Barbara Miller (Oakdale, MN).

Looking through what she had, Barbara found waffles, and her Ultimate Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Waffle Sandwich was born.

Waffles as a bun changes the flavor profile of a BLT sandwich adding some sweetness. I love the slight crunch from the toasted waffles, too. Barbara’s simple basil mayo, though, makes the sandwich. Basil, tomatoes, and bacon are a fantastic combo.

Hidemi Walsh (Plainfield, IN) was also inspired by another recipe when she came up with her Caprese and Shrimp Cocktail Sandwich.

“I got inspired by shrimp cocktail,” explains Hidemi. “Since shrimp and avocado are a perfect marriage, I added avocado and tomato and then got an inspiration – mozzarella cheese since I love Caprese!”

Wow, shrimp cocktail can be turned into one amazing sandwich! I was expecting the cocktail sauce to have a lot of heat, but it did not. There’s some spice, but it adds to the flavor of the sandwich.

Avocado and fresh mozzarella added different textures. The basil/olive oil mixture adds the last pop of flavor. This is delicious!

If you’ve taken a trip to Miami or The Keys, you’ve probably enjoyed a Cuban sandwich. When you can’t travel and want a taste of warmer weather, try Danelle New’s (New Bern, NC) Pressed Cuban Sandwich at home.

“These were common in FL, but not so common here in NC,” says Danelle. “So true to form, I did my best to re-create the Midnight Sandwich/Cuban.”

Roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and dill pickle are sandwiched between bread and pressed. The final result is a terrifically tasty and warm sandwich.

There’s layer after layer of flavor in Noelle Myers’ amazing Prima Donna Turkey Club Sandwich.

“This is such a fun and flavorful sandwich to serve,” shares Noelle. “The unique shape and textures complement the upscale flavors of this fantastic twist on a turkey club sandwich.”

Noelle uses a thin pizza crust as the base of this sandwich. Genius! Her mayo mixture adds a punch of flavor with the garlic and basil.

The crunchiness of the baked prosciutto mixed with the gooey melted Havarti cheese was quite tasty. Noelle was really creative and put an Italian twist on a classic sandwich.

These Blue Ribbon recipes prove that you can make a delicious sandwich at home… even better than what you can buy from the deli. Try one of these gourmet sandwiches for lunch or dinner this summer. Happy Pinching!