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Easy No-Cook Appetizers

Easy No-Cook Appetizers

I love appetizers especially when the weather is warmer and I don’t want to turn on my stove. Instead, I let my fridge do all the work and make easy no-cook appetizers.

If I serve a lot of them, they can be the main part of a party and everyone can try a bit of this and that. Or, just serve one or two and it keeps everyone satisfied while I prepare the main meal.

This weekend, whether you’re having family over for Father’s Day or gathering friends for a cookout, these easy apps will be great to make.

Thea Pappalardo (Queens Village, NY) Mexican Pinwheels are super easy to throw together and so tasty.

“This is a great appetizer to bring to a party because the hostess does not have to worry about baking or heating it,” explains Thea. “They taste really good too.”

Cream cheese and cheddar cheese are typically used in the filling for pinwheels. Where these become special are the additional ingredients.

Black olives add a nice texture. Fresh cilantro gives the filling a punch of flavor and a Mexican flair. Jalapenos give these pinwheels a spicy kick. Don’t like jalapenos? They can be left out and these will be just as good.

If you do like a bit of heat, Laura Harrison’s (Bloomington, MN) Bacon Horseradish Chip Dip is for you.

“This is our family dip recipe,” shares Laura. “We have it at every family gathering, and it’s just not the same without it.”

Let’s hear it for horseradish! This often-overlooked flavor is a pure delight in this easy-to-make dip recipe. This dip is full of horseradish’s potent flavor.

Laura’s recipe does make a lot of dip so, if you’re not serving a crowd (or taking it to a party), the recipe can be cut in half.

“This is my mother’s version of Incredible Pimiento Cheese Spread,” reveals Shelley Simpson (Swartz Creek, MI). “This can also be frozen ahead of time and then thawed in the fridge the day before a holiday or picnic/cookout.”

Pimento cheese is a Southern classic. It can be used in a sandwich, added to the top of a grilled burger, or served with crackers and crudites. And, everyone has their own recipe.

I really enjoyed Shelley’s version. Her choice of cheese is sharp and medium cheddar and Velveeta. Velveeta helps to make this creamy.

She also added sugar which I’ve never done and it was a great addition. The sweetness balances the savory cheese. This pimento cheese spread will be a crowd-pleaser.

Deb Kotansky’s (Minden, LA) I Could Have Been A Cheese Ball, But The Pecans Let Me Down is everything you love about a cheese ball, just in dip form.

“You will lick the spoon, you will lick the beaters, you will search frantically for a cracker,” jokes Deb. “It will call you from the fridge late at night… Think I’m kidding?”

In her recipe, Deb mentions that when you don’t eat a cheese ball that’s covered in pecans right away, they get soggy. And no one likes soggy nuts. This cheese ball spread is so creamy and delicious that you’ll never miss the pecans.

Savory from cheddar and cream cheese, pineapple gives the dip a pop of sweetness. All of the other ingredients round out the flavors and do make this very addictive.

Melissa Snow’s (Hillsboro, OR) Ranchero Layer Dip is a new twist on a layered taco dip.

“One neighbor refers to this dip as the everything but the kitchen sink dip,” says Melissa. “You can substitute regular flavor bean dip for the jalapeno flavor bean dip if you cannot find it in the store. You can also substitute shredded cheddar for the jalapeno jack cheese if needed.”

That’s one of the things I like about this dip… it’s customizable. Which is a handy recipe to have these days when you never seem to know what you’ll find on the shelves at the grocery store.

Jalapeno bean dip on the bottom is a good choice, but what makes this really different is the sour cream layer.

The sour cream is mixed with Miracle Whip and then taco seasoning adds great balance to the dip. There is a lot of flavor in each layer!

All of these easy no-cook appetizers are make-ahead recipes. A great option when hosting a summer barbecue because it’s one less thing you have to prepare the day of. For all of the dads out there, I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. Happy Pinching!