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Easy Mexican Dishes to Make at Home

Easy Mexican Dishes to Make at Home

Even though Cinco de Mayo was last week, I want to keep the fiesta going all month long. If your love of Mexican food runs deep, like mine, you’re going to enjoy the recipes in this Janet’s Notebook. I’m sharing easy Mexican dishes to make at home.

Muna Escobar’s (Knoxville, TN) Baked Chicken Chimichangas are fantastic.

“This is a tasty recipe that is modified a bit from the original to cut down on some of the fat by baking the chimichangas instead of frying them,” explains Muna.

By brushing the tortillas with oil before baking, they crisp up beautifully but with less fat than deep frying. The meat filling is full of flavor. Muna’s green chili sauce is so simple to make and amazing on top of the baked chimichangas.

Once cooked, the meat in Linda Bruno’s (San Antonio, TX) Mexican Carne Guisada becomes tender and very flavorful.

“This is a family recipe handed down from the Mexican side of my family,” shares Linda. “Of course, no one makes it like my mom but I still try.”

The tenderness is enhanced when the meat simmers in beef broth. That broth cooks down into a delicious sauce that coats the meat. Serve on tortillas with cheese, sour cream, and an extra sprinkle of fresh cilantro for a real treat.

Fajitas are an easy dinner option and Melissa Lewis’ (Romney, WV) Slow Cooker Fajita recipe is fabulous.

Melissa thinks, “it’s a wonderful meal when you are on the run,” and I agree. They can be made with steak or chicken.

The slow cooker does all the work and creates the most flavorful meat. Just set out your favorite toppings and each member can assemble their fajitas.

“I have been making tacos this way ever since I was 17 years old when I learned how from a lady I babysat for,” says Jeanne Gliddon (Los Banos, CA). “My family loves them and they now prepare theirs the same way!”

What makes Jeanne’s To Die For Beef Tacos special is the mixture of chorizo and ground beef. It gives the filling tons of flavor without adding additional seasoning.

Frying the tortillas is a wonderful touch too. They’ll bring taco night to a whole new level.

Wash your meal down with one of Jenny Powers’ (Abingdon, VA) Top Shelf Margaritas.

“We love these margaritas, they are made with premium liquor and are not too tart,” reveals Jenny. “Careful, they do not taste strong, but are.”

This refreshing margarita recipe truly lives up to its name. Premium liquor makes a difference in this case. It’s sweet with just the right amount of tartness mixed in and tastes very smooth.

Whether you’re having a Taco Tuesday meal or Mexican Monday, one of these recipes should satisfy any craving. Want more Mexican recipes? Check out our Fiesta Time recipe collection and Happy Pinching!