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Bacon Recipes That Go Beyond Breakfast

Bacon Baklava

Bacon, how do I love thee? I’m not sure I can count the ways. It’s my go-to meat alongside eggs or on a breakfast sandwich. But, I don’t restrict my bacon enjoyment only to morning-time. If you like bacon as much as I do, you have to check out these Blue Ribbon recipes.

“So easy, so quick, and always a hit at parties,” is how Pamela Rappaport (The Villages, FL) describes her Bacon Brie Tarts.

What I love about this recipe is that I traditionally have the ingredients handy to make these. The hardest part is cooking the bacon. When adding the filling you may think you’re adding too much. But trust, me the filling to crescent dough ratio is perfect.

The brie and bacon are salty and baked in a soft, buttery croissant cup. The little bit of brown sugar on top brings all the flavors together. They’re delicious when you’re looking for a simple snack.

Melissa Baldan’s (San Diego, CA) Bacon Crab Cakes are an easy appetizer or light lunch.

“At my house, we believe that bacon makes everything better,” says Melissa. “So I figured, why not crab cakes, too?” Oh, how right Melissa was.

This recipe takes crab cakes to a whole new level. There’s not much filler in these cakes. You really taste the sweet crab and smoky bacon.

Sheri Zarnick’s Bean & Bacon Soup With Cornbread Waffles are hearty with a savory bacon flavor.

“I make this especially in sub-zero temperatures,” reveals Sheri. “It warms my family.”

When the weather is colder, I crave comforting soup. Potatoes thicken the recipe and give it a creamy texture. Served with the cornbread waffles, it’s a warm and delicious meal. The waffles are nice and fluffy and on the savory side. You can dip them into the soup or crumble on top.

“Came up with this Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Steak idea for my husband and my 1st wedding anniversary dinner a little less than a week ago and it came out awesome,” reveals Brandy Bender (Darrington, WA). “He loved it!”

Your kitchen is going to smell so good while these stuffed steaks are cooking. Simply amazing! I couldn’t wait to dig in.

The steaks have great flavor. If you wanted to amp up the flavor, even more, marinate the steaks in your favorite marinade before prepping the recipe. The cheese is ooey gooey good and you get that, along with mushrooms, in every bite. Overall, this is a quick and easy dinner recipe.

Bacon for dessert? Oh yes.

“The current trend of bacon bacon bacon got me thinking,” explains Cheryl Miller (Port Orchard, WA). “Everyone knows the salty, smoky, rich flavor of bacon goes great with the addition of a heavy sweetness like brown sugar or molasses. I was more curious than anything else in developing this sweet and bacony baklava!”

Cheryl’s experimentation turned into a fantastic Bacon Baklava.

Traditionally baklava is filled with nuts which this recipe has. But, smoky chopped bacon is also added in between the flaky phyllo layers. I really like the flavor profiles in this dessert. Such a treat!

Sweet or savory, bacon is for so much than only enjoying at breakfast. If I’ve made you crave something bacon, our Bring on the Bacon collection has even more recipes. Happy Pinching!