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Five Bundt Cakes to Dress Up Dessert

Citrus Pound Cake With Orange Glaze

I can’t remember the last time I put on fancy clothes. My daily uniform of comfy clothes hasn’t changed much over the past year. While I may not be dressing up these days, I can dress up my desserts. How do I do that? By baking a Bundt cake!

Laurie Lenartowicz’s (Livingston, TN) Grinnin’ Gorilla Bundt Cake is moist and full of banana flavor.

“What self-respecting gorilla wouldn’t appreciate a Bundt cake chock full of bananas, chocolate chips, and walnuts,” asks Laurie.

I love the crunch walnuts give the Bundt cake. Chocolate chips are a nice surprise and pair so well with the banana. Laurie says you can dust this cake with powdered sugar but we opted to use her glaze to make it pretty. The cake alone is really good without the glaze, but it’s definitely a nice final touch.

If you’re a chocolate lover, you need to make Marge Taggart’s (The Villages, FL) Chocolate and White Chips Bundt Cake.

“This is a super-rich cake for all you chocolate lovers,” says Marge. “Using sweetened condensed milk on the glaze gives it a fudgy-like flavor and is just awesome.”

Adding semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chips are little surprises when you bite into your piece of cake. The glaze though… it’s creamy, chocolaty, and so good. It makes more than you’ll need but use the extra to dip in berries our pound cake.

The next time you need a special dessert make Yolanda Stewart’s (Houston, TX) Italian Creme Bundt Cake. It’s one of her favorites and I think will become one of yours too.

This recipe has all the flavor of an Italian Creme Cake without all the work. Airy, fluffy, and moist, I love how the coconut and walnuts flavor to the cake. The homemade frosting is very easy to work with. It’s not stiff and full of buttery flavor. Once decorated, this Bundt cake tastes as good as it looks.

Cut a slice of Lindsay V.’s Apple, Praline, and Cream Cheese Bundt Cake and you find chunks of apples and a ribbon of cream cheese filling. It’s beautiful and tasty.

Yes, this cake is full of fall flavors. But, that doesn’t mean you can only make it in the fall. It’s so good, you’ll make this year-round.

The cake is dense, but the inside is perfectly tender with chunks of apple in every bite. I loved the tangy and sweet cream cheese in the center and the flavors blended perfectly together. The praline topping is sweet and sugary with a slight crunch. Yum!

Lemon desserts are my favorite and Donna Thiemann’s Citrus Pound Cake With Orange Glaze is filled with lemon flavor.

“This recipe dates back many many years and is now a family heirloom recipe,” shares Donna. “My late mother used to bake this cake, then me, and now my kids. There is just something fun about this cake.”

I am glad Donna shared her family’s recipe because it’s a fabulous cake. The recipe is so simple and made with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen, You’ll find yourself making this when you want a treat. What I loved most is the thick orange glaze that’s drizzled over the cake. It’s so fantastic with the lemon cake.

Get out your favorite Bundt pan and make one of these delicious Blue Ribbon desserts. If you are nervous to make a Bundt cake, check out these tips and tricks for baking a Bundt cake. There are a few more recipes too. Happy Pinching!