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Desserts for Your Sweetheart or Galentine

Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Or, do you celebrate Galentine’s Day? For some, it’s a day to show your spouse how much you care. For others, it’s a time to reach out to girlfriends and celebrate those relationships. Regardless of how you enjoy the day, this year going to a restaurant may not be possible. That’s why, this week, I’m sharing special desserts that will show your valentine or galentine how much you care.

Chocolate mousse is a dessert we love to indulge in, and Fran Miller’s (Parkersburg, WV) Heavenly Chocolate Mousse is excellent.

“Yes, I know this takes 3 cups of heavy cream but the taste is HEAVENLY,” thinks Fran. “It also makes a delicious chocolate mousse pie.”

The recipe is rich chocolaty goodness that just melts in your mouth. Its smooth and creamy texture is perfection. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream or purchase your favorite store-bought crust and turn it into a pie. Your loved ones will love you even more after their first bite.

Cecelia Huddleston’s Cherry Creamy Pie is more of a cherry custard pie than a cherry cream pie, but it’s quite delicious.

“My husband loves the combination of the cherries with the vanilla cream,” reveals Cecelia. I did too. Adding almond extract and a little sugar brightens up the cherry topping making it taste fresher.

It’s the perfect color for Valentine’s Day but you can make this with other toppings too (like blueberry). It’s a fantastic old-fashioned dessert.

“I love Valentine’s Day and all the goodies,” reveals Jewel Hall (Cullman, AL). Roses, champagne, gifts, cards, chocolate, and red hearts that say I love you. This is my designed Valentine cake. Have fun with it.”

This Dressed Up Valentine Cake looks impressive, but the cake itself is very simple to prepare. Your valentine will love this delicious strawberry walnut cake.

Then you have the fun of dipping strawberries and styling the cake plate for your sweetheart. The smooth chocolate ganache glaze literally melts in your mouth like a truffle. Beautiful, unique, and scrumptious.

Who wouldn’t like pink poofies with chocolate chips for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to get a bag of Vicky Hunt’s (Kilmichael, MS) Valentine Meringues.

“These sweet little babies are so good,” says Vicky.”I make these for my daughter at Valentine’s Day parties.”

Raspberry and chocolate always go together in my book, but you really could alter these to suit your own taste. These meringues are incredibly easy to make. That’s right: cute, pink, chocolaty, and simple.

When you present a slice of Annamaria Settanni McDonald’s (Brooklyn, OH) Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake they’re going to be very impressed. But, it will be one of the easiest cheesecakes you’ll ever make.

“This cheesecake is always on the top of the list of cheesecakes to make,” explains Annamaria. “It covers the cravings of chocolate and cheesecake all at once. It’s my family’s favorite and mine as well.”

The different shades of chocolate make this cheesecake a picture-perfect dessert. Creamy, rich and so chocolaty, you are going to find you prepare this cheesecake often. A truly decadent treat for the chocolate and cheesecake lover.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice baker, there’s a recipe you can make. If you make any of them, make sure to share a photo. Happy Valentine’s (Galentine’s) Day and Happy Pinching!