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Simple Recipes for Leftover Easter Ham

Ham and Cheese Pie

If you’re anything like me, there is always so much extra food after a holiday meal. Wondering what to do with the leftover Easter ham? These five simple recipes are satisfying and a delicious way to reinvent baked ham.

Lonna Weidemann’s (Helena, MT) Baked Potato Breakfast Skillet is a great way to start the morning. The potatoes can be roasted the day before while the ham is cooking in the oven. Then on Monday morning, you’ll be ready to go.

I loved the combination of peppers and onion, with the salty ham. Even if you don’t have ham leftover, this is an easy hash that could be made with crumbled bacon. Fry a couple of eggs and place on top for a hearty meal.

Another easy breakfast option is Teresa G.’s Cheesy Ham & Bacon Breakfast Casserole.

“This is one of our favorite assemble the night before breakfast casseroles and is a great use for the leftovers from that holiday meal,” shares Teresa. “It’s a yummy combination of croissants and Italian bread soaked in a savory eggy custard with smoked ham and three melty kinds of cheese. Then it’s topped with finely crumbled bacon and fresh chives.”

Not only does this breakfast casserole taste delicious it smells wonderful too! The croissants are what makes this special. They add a fabulous buttery flavor to the dish that other breakfast casseroles can lack. The ham and bacon are a tasty pair and the glorious cheese is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Need an easy lunch? Try Karen B.’s (Manchester, NH) Wilted Caesar Salad With Red Onion and Ham. “This yummy salad is a main dish, but could be served in smaller portions as a side,” says Karen.

This is a really good salad and a great way to use leftover ham. Karen puts her twist on Caesar salad. She browns pine nuts and bread cubes in butter with onions and garlic. Those are tossed with the ham and placed on the shredded romaine lettuce. So good!

Love quinoa? Never had it, but curious? Don’t think you like it? Doesn’t matter! Patty Bronson’s (Eugene, OR) Quinoa Crustless Ham and Kale Quiche is so good, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to dig in for seconds.

“Quinoa is such a versatile grain,” thinks Patty. “I use it as a filler in a lot of recipes.” If you’re not familiar with quinoa, it’s a grain that’s full of protein, B vitamins, and is gluten-free.

Some think it’s a superfood and has gained popularity in recent years. There are different types, but white and red are the most popular. Serve with a side salad and this quiche is a hearty dinner.

“I love to eat this breakfast for dinner,” says Tracey Fortier (Richmond Hill, GA). “This Ham and Cheese Pie is so cheesy and good.”

The entire Kitchen Crew gobbled this pie up in no time. The Monterey Jack cheese melts really smooth and is rich, but the savory ham balances out the dish. Crescent dough makes the perfect buttery light crust.

There are so many options for leftovers beyond a ham sandwich. Hopefully, you’ll try one of these satisfying recipes. Happy Pinching!