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Try Serving Breakfast for Dinner This Week

Cinnamon Vanilla Pancakes W/ Banana & Walnuts

Who says you can’t have a breakfast recipe for dinner? It’s one of my favorite things to do and pretty cost effective. I think it’s a fun way to switch up the daily what’s for dinner answer.

Pizza is a favorite in my house and I have no problem eating a breakfast version for dinner. Especially when it’s Stephanie Heitmeier (Cumming, GA) Eggless Breakfast Pizza. “Easy and simple” is how she describes the recipe and I couldn’t agree more.

When we tested this in the kitchen, it disappeared in no time. The crust is smothered in a peppery cream gravy that goes well with the breakfast sausage. I loved the bite the onions and bell peppers gave this pizza, but if you have picky eaters it can easily be left off and will be just as yummy.

“This is my version of a very versatile dish,” explains Kathy W. (Englewood, OH) of her Sweet Potato Hash. “You can serve it with eggs for breakfast or brunch or use it as a side.” It makes a great dinner too.

Kathy uses diced sweet and white potatoes for her hash. Combined with bell pepper and onion, everything gets nice and toasty while in the skillet. I love to top this hash with a poached egg because the yolk creates a sauce. But fried or scrambled eggs would be delicious too. This is a super easy recipe.

Does your family love Southwest flavors? Then Greg Randolph’s GrEGGS Benedict is for you. “I love Eggs Benedict but wanted to add a southwestern flair,” shares Greg. “The chopped chili peppers do not make the sauce hot and spicy but add a distinct flavor.”

Instead of an English muffin, Greg puts the softly poached egg over crispy hash browns. The potatoes are mixed with red pepper, onion, bacon and sliced mushrooms. Then a cheesy, slightly spicy, hollandaise-like sauce is drizzled over everything. It’s mouthwatering good.

All the flavors in Denise Miles’ (Auburn, AL) Sausage Skillet Supper are spot on. “I made little changes to an existing friend’s breakfast skillet meal,” says Denise. “Hubby says for me to make again.”

Denise’s skillet is filled with sausage, onion, bacon, potatoes, and, of course, cheese. But make substitutions based on your taste buds. Personally, I can’t wait to try more add-ins like green peppers or even green chilis. The possibilities are endless!

Pancakes are my jam and Nancy Allen’s (St. Louis, MO) Cinnamon Vanilla Pancakes W/ Banana & Walnuts spice up a plain old pancake mix.

The vanilla and cinnamon pair together nicely. I loved adding walnuts and bananas. You can never go wrong topping pancakes with fruit and nuts. These pancakes will even please picky eaters. This is an easy go-to pancake recipe that requires very little work but looks very impressive as a unique dinner offering.

I know I’m not alone in my love of breakfast for dinner. When you like to switch things up in your house, what breakfast recipe do you serve? Share a link to it below and Happy Pinching!