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Amazing Deviled Egg Recipes for Easter

Bacon & Cream Cheese Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a must-have at any occasion. In the South, you can’t attend a pot luck, birthday party or holiday gathering without them on the menu. They’re so popular, you’d think they were invented here. Fun fact, they were invented in ancient Rome (who knew!).

I always make them during the holidays. Sometimes I like to keep to a classic recipe and other years I like to switch up the flavors. These deviled egg recipes will be a great way to start Easter dinner.

“This recipe is one my mom taught me years ago,” shares Eva Marion (Bradley, IL) of her Mama’s Deviled Eggs recipe. “Not your standard deviled eggs but they are a huge hit with the family.”

If you know someone who isn’t a fan of deviled eggs, I encourage you to have them try these. I made this recipe one Easter and a friend decided to try just one. His “I’m not really a fan of deviled eggs” turned into half the tray disappearing in no time. They’re smoky, sweet, tangy, and delicious.

“Both deviled eggs and Buffalo wings are a hit at parties,” thinks Susie D. “These Buffalo Ranch Deviled Eggs combine the flavors in one easy to make recipe!

Tired of serving up plain deviled eggs and want to kick them up a notch? This will be your go-to recipe. They are creamy and have that classic Buffalo flavor, but aren’t too spicy. Adjust the amount of Buffalo sauce if you like yours to have an extra kick of spice. So good, you’ll want to serve these during football season too.

If you’re looking to add a little zing to your deviled eggs, Julie Prior’s (Mesquite, NV) recipe is amazing.

“Best deviled eggs ever,” is how Julie describes her Bacon & Cream Cheese Deviled Eggs. Cream cheese is added to the yolks which makes the filling extremely creamy. I liked using a food processor to prepare this because it makes the yolk filling light and fluffy. The bacon on top is like a little sprinkle of love.

Love pimento cheese? Then make Kathy Griffin’s (Oneonta, AL) Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs.

“Made these up for Easter dinner, everyone loved them,” reveals Kathy. “I didn’t even have any leftovers to bring home.” These were a HUGE hit in the Test Kitchen. Everyone kept on having “just one more.”

If you’re not familiar with pimento cheese, it’s a combination of cheddar cheese, pimentos, and mayonnaise – a delicious dip or spread. Kathy mixes pimento cheese with spices and hard-boiled egg yolks to create a super flavorful filling.

I’m including Joan Rehfeldt’s (Apple Valley, CA) Deviled Egg Easter Candy Recipe in this round-up because they are a dessert deviled egg.

Made with white candy melts shaped into an egg shape and crispy cereal mixed with yellow candy melts to form a “yolk” these are adorable and quite tasty. Watch the reaction of people who think they are eggs… this is a fun way to end the day.

Are deviled eggs a mainstay at your holiday meal too? Share your favorite recipe! Happy Pinching!