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The Sandwich: A Lunchtime Staple Shines at Dinnertime

Baked Monte Christo Sandwich

The other night my husband asked me what we were doing for dinner. It had been a very busy week in the Test Kitchen, so I told him I was going to throw together some sandwiches. To say he was excited is an understatement.

I knew I had to show him how a sandwich isn’t just turkey and cheese (while they are mighty tasty). There are many flavor combinations you can put between two slices of bread. And, I had a few recipes in mind – no boring brown bag sandwiches here!

Melissa Baldan knows how to kick up the flavor in her sandwiches. Her The Matilda is scrumptious. “Ham, berries, mascarpone cheese all combine to create a phenomenal taste that can’t be denied,” says Melissa.

She makes an amazing clove butter that toasts into the bread. Then, the mascarpone with the berries gives a sweet taste that balances with the savory ham. Just delightful! If you happen to have any extra butter, I think it will be delicious on pancakes or french toast.

“This grilling season, I was hoping to add a some different flavors to our grill,” shares Brenda Watts. “After trying a great Asian recipe, this recipe came into my mind to add some great flavors to the pork hoagie I usually make from the grill.”

Holy, hoisin! In the Test Kitchen, we fell hard for Brenda’s Savory Pork Hoisin Hoagies with Spicy Broccoli Slaw . The slaw really heats things up, so adjust the amount of jalapeño to suit your tastes. This recipe is a great way to take dinner outside and enjoy the fabulous end of summer evenings.

Football season is right around the corner which makes it the perfect time to serve Kelly Williams’ Buffalo Wing Garlic-Toasted Hoagies. I’m a sucker for the combo of blue cheese and buffalo wings. Add garlic and muenster cheese and I was hooked on this sandwich. It’s good for game-day, but really they’re great on any day!

Danelle New’s terrifically tasty Pressed Cuban Sandwich will fit the bill for lunch or supper. “These were common in Florida, not so common here in North Carolina,” explains Danelle. “So true to form, I did my best to re-create the Midnight Sandwich/Cuban.”

There are a few steps to this sandwich, but it’s worth every minute. I’ve traveled to Key West and had this sandwich from “locals.” This recipe is just as tasty as theirs! Warm and crunchy, with ooey, gooey cheese this is so yummy. I have a big smile on my face just thinking about them.

Serve the family Jean Moore’s Baked Monte Christo Sandwiches and watch their faces light up. Monte Christo sandwiches are typically fried and I liked how this one is baked. The crescent dough is a great shortcut too. This recipe works great if you’re serving a large crowd. It can easily be doubled and comes together in no time. This was really good!

“Mixing of smoked sausage with a fajita recipe ended up being a great last-minute dinner idea,” says Monica H. of her Sausage, Onion and Pepper Fajita Sandwich. “The flavor’s really intense.”

I love both fajitas and smoked sausage, so this combination was a real hit with me. These are great if you’re having a group of people over. You can make up the filling for these tasty sandwiches and let everyone make their own.

Sandwiches get a bad ‘wrap’ – they don’t have to be boring! They’re great for an easy weeknight dinner, or can be impressive enough to serve to a group of guests. I’d love to know… what’s your favorite sandwich?