Drink Recipes

Smoothie Recipe


By Kimi Gaines
I made this smoothie up. I love Planet Smoothie but they are so over priced....

Sin, Sin, Sin On A Sunday: Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Sin, Sin, Sin on a Sunday: Frozen Hot Chocolate

By Angie Walker
I have just to words for this: Sinful & Chocolaty For more info go to http://www.alilcountrysugar.blogspot.com

Southern Style Sweet Tea Recipe

Southern Style Sweet Tea

By Pam Snyder
If you've ever lived in the south then you know what "good" sweet tea tastes like....

Irish Cream Recipe

Irish Cream

By Thea Pappalardo
This tastes very much like the commercially prepared Irish Cream, except it seems to be a...

Cosmopolitans Recipe


By Margie Murphy
I hosted a martini party and served Apple Martini's and Cosmo's. These were a big hit!

 Christmas Punch Recipe

" Christmas Punch"

Found in my "12 days of Christmas Cookbook". Delight any holiday with this drink. I also make...