#stevia Recipes

Egg Custard ~ Low Carb, Sugar Free KETO ATKINS

This is an Atkins/Keto friendly dessert. This egg custard is made with heavy cream instead ...

Low Fat Eggnog

I decided to make a half the fat egg nogg.i found this in a sugar ...

Coco Green Smoothie Supreme

A Great Smoothie That Satisfies That Need For Chocolate in A Healthy Way.

Green Smoothie Supreme

Green Smoothie Supreme

Taste more like a dessert than the healthy meal that it is.

Baked Apples in 5 mins!

Guilt-Free Baked Apple Express

Anyone who knows me knows that i'm a health nut. However, I'm a health nut ...

Stevia Equivalents

Stevia is the only sweetener that doesn't spike the sugar in our blood so it's ...

Slow Cooker Apple Pie, low cal version

Torture! That's what it's like waiting for this to cook. The aroma is ...

Lemon Slush with Orange Zest Refresher (HCG ok!)

I love Lemonade! I'm on the HCG diet and was missing it. This recipe does ...