#duck Recipes

Roasted potatoes in a serving dish garnished with a slice of lemon.

Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes

This side dish is incredible! Tasty, tender and a little crunchy on the outside, these ...

Ground chicken in a glass bowl.

Grind Chicken & Save Money

Supermarkets overcharge us when it comes to ground poultry. This Grind Chicken & Save Money ...

Lingonberry Sauce

This sauce compliments Duck, Salmon, pork, Ham and Roast Turkey.5/18/15.


Semi-Perigourdine Sauce

Okay, this was a sauce that was taught to me at Cordon Bleu. You may ...

Yes, it's as decadently delicious as it appears!

Ancho-Orange Roasted Duck Sandwiches with Manchego

A little spicy, a little sweet and every bit as delicious as it sounds! I ...

Savory cabernet-roasted duck paired with peppery arugula and tangy Roquefort.

Cabernet Roasted Duck Sandwiches with Roquefort

Savory, slow-roasted duck is accompanied by peppery arugula and tangy Roquefort in this easy, yet ...

Earthy duck meat with pork & chicken brats create Le Duck Carnivale Chili, with dried cherries complimenting the cherry notes of Shiraz and bittersweet chocolate. A delicious red chili recipe!


Introducing LE DUCK CARNIVALE CHILI. I leaned on French influences for this dish, using Herbs ...

Wonderfully Flavorful Roasted Duck

Roasted Duck with Dressing

This is a winner - my recipe allows you to prove that Duck is not ...

Basic Technique of Roasting a Duck (with glaze)

This takes a few hours so be prepared to flip the bird a few times ...

Duck, Duck, Goose! Roast It!

Ducks and Geese require special rules, but they aren't hard and the results are delectable. ...

Slow Cooker or Crock Pot Duck is much easier to make than duck cooked in the oven.

Crock Pot Duck

Definitely one of the best ways to cook a duck. See cooking times in the directions.

Duck & Beans

If you like Pork & Beans, you will absolutely love my Duck & Beans. ...


This didn't last long enough for me to take a picture of...DELISH!