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Blue Ribbon #deep-fried Recipes

A platter of Old-Fashioned Fried Onion Rings.

Old-Fashioned Fried Onion Rings

These came out so good! Light, crunchy, and just plain delish.

A platter of Deep Fried Mushrooms with dipping sauce.

Deep-Fried Mushrooms

These deep-fried mushrooms are a favorite of my youngest son. They're his special treat.

A platter of Pam's Variations on a Theme - Onion Rings.

Pam's Variations on a Theme - Onion Rings

As my Dad used to say, "I have a Hankering for some onion rings!" I ...

A platter of Jen's Deep Fried Cajun Okra.

Jen's Deep Fried Cajun Okra

My family loves okra! Whether it is boiled, fried, or mixed in a dish, we ...

A platter of Crab Rangoon With a Simple Plum Sauce.

Crab Rangoon With a Simple Plum Sauce

My best appetizer (so I'm told). It's quick, fun, and very tasty.

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs with Chipotle Ranch Dressing.

Deep Fried Deviled Eggs

I seen something similar to this recipe a tweaked it to my liking. My family ...

Deep-fried turkey on a platter with roasted potatoes.

Fabulous Deep-Fried Turkey

This deep-fried turkey recipe has a delicious Italian marinade injected into the meat creating a ...

Deep fried apple pie tortilla sliced in half on a plate.

Apple Pie, Deep Fry

I worked in a taco shop once that made this apple treat. Simple and very ...

Deep Fried Onion Rings With Dipping Sauce

I know there are quite a few steps to these yummy golden brown rings, but ...

Deep Fried Lobster Bites

A favorite restaurant of mine that burnt down years ago used to serve fried lobster ...