Other Non-Edible Recipes

Kitchen Dodad Rack Recipe

Kitchen Dodad Rack

By LeAnna Lyons
My dad says my step mom designed this over their sink between two cupboards, and I...

Remedy For Scalding Burns Recipe

Remedy for Scalding Burns

By Patsy Weaver
Have you ever scalded your hands while cooking? Stick your hand in a cold container...

A Very Sad Recipe!

A Very Sad Recipe!

By Colleen Sowa
My mother had a friend, and this friend never followed my mother's ingredients list or directions.......

Homemade Spot Cleaner For Carpet Recipe

Homemade Spot Cleaner For Carpet

By Stacy Wood
ORGANIC way to clean you carpet got idea from http://frugalliving.about.com/od/householdsavings/qt/Carpet_Cleaner.htm

Homemade Finger Paints Recipe

Homemade Finger Paints

By Stacy Wood
Great Fun for Kids ALL AGES *got recipe from http://www.food.com/recipe/homemade-finger-paint-176355

Wedding And Party Favors ! Recipe

Wedding and Party Favors !

By Colleen Sowa
I made these for my daughter's wedding, her baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, Halloween Treats.......

Invitation Recipe


By Lynne Hawkins
I made this invitation to my Annual Chocolate Party! couldn't pass up this stamp set!

Faerie Doors Recipe

Faerie doors

By Stormy Stewart
These are easy to make and take only a few minutes. You can use these inside...

Easy Home Made Toothpaste Recipe

Easy Home Made Toothpaste

By Jo Zimny
If you are worried about whats in your toothpaste you can make your own and then...

Headache Pots Recipe

headache pots

By Stormy Stewart
These are great as gifts for friends who suffer headaches NOTE: If you can not get hold...