Unique Flower Girl Basket

Melanie Campbell


This flower girl basket would be ideal for a rustic country wedding theme. I made it using burgundy and yellow daisy pompons, moss and black ribbon. It is a simple idea and anybody could make it.

I like to keep things simple and liked how this flower girl basket turned out. The flower girl could carry flower petals or stalks of country flowers and walk down that aisle.

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10 stalk(s)
red carnations
a small oval basket
one block of floral foam
transparent plastic wrapper
polycia leaves
black cloth
2 pairs of doll's eyes
floral wire
red ribbon
black ribbon
black beans


How to Make Unique Flower Girl Basket


  • 1Preparing the basket

    First and foremost, soak the foam into water and wait until it absorbs water completely.

    Cut each stalk of carnation to leave about 2 cm of stem. Cut also the polycia leaves into short lengths.

    To make your job easier, decorate the basket handle with a ribbon first. Here, I used a red cheques ribbon to wrap the handle and tied a bow on each side.
  • 2Then, take a piece of transparent plastic wrapper and place it at the bottom of the basket.

    Take the soaked foam and insert it into the basket. Cut the top of the foam so that it is the same height as the basket. Also cut out the excess plastic to make sure that the plastic is not visible.
  • 3Making the ladybirds

    I am going to make two ladybirds. One is bigger than the other. For the bigger one, I use 6 carnations and for the smaller one, I use 4 carnations.

    Let's make the bigger one first. The method for making the smaller ladbird is similar to making the bigger, so I will not explain the steps to make the smaller ladybird.

    Take 6 carnations and start inserting into the foam to form a semi-sphere. This is the body of the ladybird. Please remember to make room for the smaller ladybird.
  • 4Now, we make the head. Take some cotton in your hand and form a ball. Also take a piece of black cloth and wrap the cotton ball. Secure it using a floral wire.
  • 5Cut excess cloth to make it more tidy and insert the cotton ball near the ladybird body.
  • 6Cut excess cloth to make it tidy and insert the cotton ball near the ladybird body.
  • 7Let's exaggerate the ladybird features a little bit.

    Ladybirds have black dots on their body, right? We'll make that too.

    First, take a black ribbon with about 0.5cm width and secure both sides using floral wire.
  • 8Then, place the black ribbon at the center of the ladybird's body, like this...
  • 9Then, take some black beans and glue them one by one on the ladybird's body.
  • 10Now, we make the faces of the ladybirds.

    Take a pair of doll's eyes and glue them on the head for the eyes. If you want, cut a piece of red ribbon into the shape of a mouth and glue it below the eyes.
  • 11Lastly, take the polycia leaves and insert them at the exposed foam area to cover it.

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