Lorrie Wyble

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Amarillo, TX (pop. 190,695)

I am a single mom of a 30 yr. old son who is an aspiring chef down in Austin, TX. I really don't care for cooking (LOL). I only do it when I have to. But I love to bake brownies, and cookies, and such.
I have been a Type 2 Diabetic since 2001. I use to weigh 140 lbs., but now I'm down to 101. My doctor says that's normal for my height of 4'11". I was 5 ft. tall, but I've shrunk an inch due to my age, and Osteoarthritis.
I have 1 recipe that I have put on here that I have carried with me in my heart since childhood. My dad', and I's favorite cookie recipe: Special K Cookies.