Fran Weatherly

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Sunnyvale, CA (pop. 140,081)

I've lived in Sunnyvale, CA since I was 1 mo. old;1946. It's about 40-50 mi. so. of San Francisco. Married in 1966; son 1968 & daughter 1971.Wonderful grandson 2000.Bought our "starter" home in 1969 for 20,000, now paid off.I stayed home for several years to raise our children and worked part-time so we had no day-care. I always said I was a good cook, but not a great cook.I've ran into poor health since 1984 & cooking has struggled, but my dear husband says to stay with the "comfort" food and we'll be alright.Guess that's been my success story! Loved all the Dump Cake Recipes. CREATIVE!!!!