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Peppy Pimento Grilled Cheese

One of my favorite sandwiches is a grilled cheese. When my mom would put one in front of me, I instantly had a smile on my face. Now, I make them for my grandson and watch him have that same big smile.

But who says grilled cheese has to be only for kids? Just A Pinch members have come up with some great adult versions of the classic kid favorite.

"When I think about good ol' Southern cheese, I think about pimento cheese," says Lori Frazee. "So I put my own spicy twist on it, and you guessed, to the grill I go!"

Lori's Peppy Pimento Grilled Cheese is a really snappy grilled cheese! Coming from the South, I'm a big fan of pimento cheese. There is just enough heat in Lori's to make you take notice but not enough to set you on fire. If you have any leftover, it would make a great dip!

It's fun to see how people can take a basic sandwich and make it into something extraordinary! And that's exactly what Teressa Drenth did with her Gourmet Grilled Cheese. "I came up with this recipe when I had some leftover dip mix still in the refrigerator and thought it might taste good between potato bread and toasted," shares Teressa. "After a couple of enhancements the Gourmet Grilled Cheese was born."

The blend of cream cheese, cheddar cheese and Parmesan cheese makes for an ooey, gooey filling once grilled. I really liked the addition of chives too. I chose to use Hawaiian bread, but use what you have on hand. I bet sourdough would be great!

If you can find the cranberry bread for Christine M.'s New England Style Grilled Cheese, it's worth buying. It adds to this flavor packed sandwich.

"This combination is inspired by the Cape Codder (cranberries) and a classic New England fall activity (apple picking)," explains Christine. We loved the sharpness of the cheese and the slight crunchiness of the apples. This is a great, quick lunch idea!

It's amazing how a simple twist can make such a delicious impact on a classic dish. Debbi Bitner adds mustard or hot jelly to her Grilled Cheese With A Twist and let me tell you, it's delicious.

"You can customize this grilled cheese recipe as you like," says Debbi. We served these sammies with both mustard and pepper jelly... and both were super good. Get creative!

Andy Anderson definitely got creative when dreaming up his South of the Border Grilled Cheese. "It’s an interesting combination of flavors, and to be honest it’s a bit messy," Andy shares, "But, oh so yummy." Yummy is an understatement!

Your taste buds are going to be really happy with this grilled cheese. Grating the cheese helps melt it to ooey gooey goodness. He adds crushed tortilla chips for a nice crunch. And, bacon which adds that wonderful extra pop of flavor.

There really are so many choices on how to make this classic sandwich. This week, become a kid again and whip up a grilled cheese. A cup of tomato soup optional.

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Teresa G - Mar 29, 2015
My family recipe, handed down since the beginning of... VELVEETA, LOL!

Joanne Hendriksen - Mar 29, 2015
I haven't had pimento cheese in quite a while. Not by choice but by budget. I forgot how good pimento cheese is. Thanx for the reminder. it's now on next weeks list. I love it in dips, or a cracker spread. Yummy
Peggy Wilson Dobbs - Mar 29, 2015
No matter what part of the country you come from; it's grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.
Marvin Beachler - Mar 26, 2015
Hi Tyler, this is just a conversation chain. But, sometimes it's a bit critical about methods and choices in the recipe. THAT I agree with but this is a lot more innocent.
Judy Kaye - Mar 25, 2015
Grilled cheese sandwiches are a favorite at our house. We love experimenting by adding fresh grilled vegetables or adding feta cheese with ripe tomatoes, or grilled eggplant to pepper jack and sharp cheddar. Then mixing mustard and salad dressing to spread lightly on the inside of the sandwich. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination fly and add a new twist to an old stand by.
SHELLIE PAGE - Mar 25, 2015
Teresa G - Mar 25, 2015
This is not your typical grilled cheese, but it IS grilled and does have meltly, gooey cheese.
Myrtle Voss - Mar 25, 2015
We love grilled tuna and cheese. My grandkids had never had it, and after I made it for them it has became a favorite to have at grandma's house. We put onion in the mixed up tuna, and add just about any cheese you want and grill it. YUM
Vicki Cain - Mar 25, 2015
I love tomato and onion inside my grilled cheese have since I was much younger.
James Turner - Mar 24, 2015
I think grilled cheese with steak on it sounds good. But then is it a grilled cheese anymore?
Teri Wojdyla - Mar 24, 2015
I like to put sliced tomato on my grilled cheese sandwich. Fresh tasting and yummy.
Sonya Lawler - Mar 24, 2015
Titan, it isn't the recipe at hand that anyone is knocking. Let's face it, anything grilled is a hit! doesn't matter if you're doing grilled cream cheese w/ bacon, grilled cheese w/ bacon and some veggies, or anything on a stick (as my daughter would say). Put it on a grill, or on a stick, it's gotta be good! I do many variations of grilled cheese (on the stove and yes on the grill outside too). And now that pimento cheese is brought up, I need to make some!
Titan Tyler - Mar 24, 2015
you gotta love people that knock something before they even try it. Just like people changing the recipe before they try the way it was written