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Cool Down with our Favorite Summer Cocktails

Peppermint Chiller

There's nothing better than sitting on the back patio after a long day and enjoying the wonderful summertime weather. It seems like my glider - and a refreshing drink - make my worries go away. Here are just a few of my favorite crave-worthy cocktails.

A good, frozen drink is a great way to beat the heat. And being from the south, I'm a big bourbon fan. So, before I even sampled this concoction, I knew I was going to be a fan of Patti Petty's Bourbon Slush.

"A great mild bourbon flavored beverage to sip on summer evenings ... or any other time," says Patti. This cocktail has a subtle bourbon flavor. If you're having friends over, even non-bourbon lovers will be asking for more.

Coconut and lime takes my taste buds back to vacations in the Florida Keys. It's such a satisfying combo and the main flavors in Ali Bresnahan's Rum Coconut Slush.

One sip of this and I'm instantly relaxed. I taste-tested this with coconut rum and it was coconut heaven. Next time, I'm going to try dark rum as Ali suggests. This is definitely a refreshing drink for a hot summer day!

Tess Greer first tried Tranquillo on a trip to Washington, DC. Tess loved it so much she figured out how to make it at home! With just the right hint of mint and the addition of fresh grapefruit juice, it really is the perfect summer sipper.

"These are a cross between a fruit smoothie and a cocktail," says Norene G. about her Bullfrog recipe. With oranges, apples, ginger and pineapple, the bullfrog juice itself is delicious on it's own. A great way to sneak some fruits and veggies into your diet. But, add a little vodka and triple sec and you have one porch sipping worthy cocktail.

Make sure to keep a big pitcher on hand for any unexpected guests. Once they try this unusual concoction, they are going to be asking for the recipe. And refilling their glasses!

What do you do when you plant herbs and they seem to grow wild? Well, that was a dilemma Tanya Jones had when her peppermint plant REALLY bloomed. "I really wanted something cool and refreshing so this drink was born," says Tanya.

Tanya starts by creating a mint simple syrup for her Peppermint Chiller. Then, she combines lemon juice, orange juice and ginger ale. Pour it over ice and your cocktail is served! If you want to add some alcohol to this drink, add a little bit or rum as Tanya suggests. I've served this both ways and everyone always enjoys it.

Tonight, get out your glasses and try out one of these beat-the-heat treats! And remember, always drink responsibly.

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Nancy Judd - Jul 21, 2014
Hi Janet...how do I nominate a recipe that I've made a lot? It is outstanding and absolutely deserves a blue ribbon. It's called Peachy Keen Dessert by Paula Todora. Its easy, fast, delicious and I always have everything I need on hand as pantry staples. A dessert just doesn't get any easier or better than this. NJ.
Gayle Smith - Jul 21, 2014
Thank you Melanie. I guess my duh factor is still working. lol Gayle
Barbara Kedzorski - Jul 21, 2014
I've just printed the Dolly Parton Diet and no where dose it say what you can drink. Can anyone help?
Melanie B - Jul 21, 2014
To log out you would just click the X on the tab (up at the very top of your browser) you want to close like any other web page. Hope that helps.
Gayle Smith - Jul 21, 2014
I guess I am going dumb but I can't find where to log out of just a pinch. I have clicked on my name and nothing. Where am I missing the log out?
Melanie B - Jul 21, 2014
Gayle, there are a few groups like that:
Heirloom Recipes
Grandma's Recipe Box
just off the top of my head.
Put the name in the search bar and click search groups. They should pop up.
Gayle Smith - Jul 21, 2014
I would like to see a section of just old time recipes (family favorites) things from the 1950's and older.
George Baker - Jul 19, 2014
I'm looking for a recipe I can no longer get from a great lady as she passed, and my dog chewed up my recipe box. It was a rhubarb cake that you made an almond flavored very moist cake, and mixed several cups of rhubarb with one or two big pkgs of red jello and sprinkled the rhubarb mixture on top, but as it cooked the rhubarb settled to the bottom and was just to die for. Was very gooey and good. Does this sound like anything anyone has a recipe for. I have googled recipes till I am blue in the face? Any help would be appreciated. If you could email me at nebrgirlgeorge@yahoo.com that would be great or notify me here. Either one.