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Fire Up the Grill in Honor of Dad

Italian Spiced Pork Chops

Not sure about you, but some of my fondest memories of my dad are around the grill. Looking back, I thought all my "problems" could be solved by talking to him while he flipped burgers.

And he didn't wait for grilling season to light the charcoal. Even in winter months, he'd put on his parka, head outdoors and come back inside with one tasty dinner.

As we celebrate our Father's Day, I thought what would be more appropriate than spotlighting some phenomenal grilling recipes.

The oil mixture on Carla Tipton's Italian Spiced Pork Chops make for some very handsome grill marks ... and an excellent presentation. "I used the zesty Italian dressing mix," explains Carla. "You can also use sliced pork tenderloin." Add a nice salad and you have a perfect, easy summertime dinner.

"Don't be fooled by how simple [this] is," says Diane M. Her Oriental Grilled Chicken is "great served with a slaw or salad." Even your most devout of red meat eaters will be able to embrace this deliciously hearty chicken recipe. This is a regular guest at my table and I have a feeling it will be at yours too.

Shirley Terhaar's Steak on the Grill is divine. The subtle flavor from the red wine and the coffee beans marinade makes for a wonderfully right taste. "We like T-bone steak best with this recipe," says Shirley. T-bones were delish, but this would definitely work with your favorite cut of meat too.

"We rarely had meat [when I was growing up], but when we did we sure loved the bold flavors this marinade brought out," says Ashley Muller. The marinade in her Bold Tastin Grilled Steak is SO tasty! It would compliment any red meat nicely. But, I do have to say, it was especially good on steak. This would go great with a nice macaroni or potato salad at your next weekend cookout.

"One weekend my wife wanted me to try to make her a frozen drink [and] I had plenty of rum left over ... one thing led to another," is how Greg Appel came up with his Spicy Chi Chi Ribs. These are sweet and spicy ... just the way I like it. The delicious sauce will definitely wake you up. You may even kiss the cook after one bite of these. They are that good.

Besides a great marinade, a flavorful sauce will add so much to your grilled meat. Brush on Dana Ramsey's Blackbear's Grilling Sauce and you'll be for a treat. "The sauce goes well with pork, steak and chicken," says Dana. "It takes some time to reduce but it's so worth it." This sauce is versatile, delicious and positively addicting! My taste buds are fans of spicy, but if that's not your thing you can reduce or eliminate the peppers as Dana suggests. You'll still have one tasty sauce!

If you're lucky enough to be with your dad this Father's Day, why don't you mosey on up to the grill and treat him. I'm sure you'll create some tasty memories. I know I'll be firing up my grill in honor of my dad.

I'd love to know, what types of recipes remind you of your father?

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Kitchen Crew - Jun 12, 2014
Thanks Susan, Judi and Jamie for sharing your memories! We love to hear the stories :)

-The Kitchen Crew
jamie Beecham - Jun 11, 2014
I have posted two recipes that were my fathers sauce and his way of grilling out his baby back ribs and chicken. My father as yours grilled year round and he taught me all I know about grilling. Yes a girl can grill out too. Lol What a wonderful memory like you said standing by his side as he taught me how to make his sauce and he always came and made it for me at my July 4th cook outs.
Judi Hayes - Jun 10, 2014
My Father was always grilling something at our summer cottage. I think he just wanted to get out of our small hot kitchen. For my June birthday I always picked grilled lobster which must have been quite a feat in Iowa 55 years ago. He claimed to have invented the charcoal chimney but didn't patent it.
Susan Bickta - Jun 10, 2014
The only thing my Father ever made in the kitchen was his homemade spaghetti sauce. He was 6'3" and I can still picture him "looming" over the stove, sauteeing the veggies he had prepared for the sauce, including his "secret" ingredient (grated carrots) which gave the finished sauce a sweet taste as well as thickening it somewhat. So.... homemade spaghetti sauce reminds me of my Father......the only other thing he liked to cook was grilled swordfish during our camping trips to Cape Cod......