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Chocolate, Oh How I Love Thee ...

Raspberry Chocolate Bars

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, all the Kitchen Crew can think about is chocolate. Well, to be honest, we're always thinking about chocolate. But at this time of year our chocolate senses are heightened.

From looking at recipes posted on Just A Pinch, it looks like everyone may love chocolate as much as we do.

Kathleen Taylor's Chocolate Molten Cakes are perfection. "Everyone loves these cakes! They are the bomb for a chocolate lover," says Kathleen. These moist, sinfully rich cakes are, well, awesome. They make for a wonderful presentation - whether it be a casual night in or a formal party menu. But do keep an eye on them as Kathleen recommends. You want all the gooey goodness.

Have you tried Jo Anne Sugimoto's Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies? This is one of those awesome desserts that you can have just a bite of and feel satisfied. Jo Anne says these are "a great twist on brownies, they are so decadent, you won't believe your taste buds!" She's right. With an intensely dark chocolate flavor, they are practically fudge-like in consistency. So rich, so creamy, so GOOD!

"These are somewhat time consuming, but oh so worth it," explains Teresa Jacobson. With just the right amount of chocolate and sweetness, her Raspberry Chocolate Bars are worth it! Personally, I love raspberry and chocolate together. If that's not your thing, feel free to get creative and change the flavor of the jam to suit your preferences. I bet strawberry would be delicious too.

"If you're a fan of dark chocolate, this recipe is for you," says Donna Stadter about her Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies. I think dark chocolate is delicious, so these cookies are right up my alley. They are so nice ... and so naughty at the same time! Perfect for an indulgent moment when all you want is chocolate. I just love them.

What better way to show someone you love them, than sharing Donna Morales' Love in a Cookie Cup with them. "It is absolute, chocolate love in a cup," says Donna. Labor and flavor intensive! These are a cup full o' love for sure.

Lisa Cox's Mini Chocolate Raspberry Rum Cakes "are always a big hit with family and friends," says Lisa. The raspberry and rum flavors compliment the chocolate beautifully, with neither being overwhelming. Highly recommended!

Another recipe I highly recommend is Barbara Eaton's Double Chocolate Chipotle Chili Cake. "This turned out to be one of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted," says Barbara. "It is not too 'hot' but the 'afterkick' is perfect." All I can say is wow. You will love this cake!

This Valentine's Day don't just tell someone you love them. Show how sweet you are on 'em by whipping up one of these delicious chocolaty recipes.

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Eddie Szczerba - Feb 17, 2014
Make something easy and delicious! :)
Linda Muncy-Neff - Feb 17, 2014
how do I get blue ribbon
Donna Graffagnino - Feb 15, 2014
I'm blocked from sending messages in the Post Office - what's up with that?
Eddie Szczerba - Feb 13, 2014
Water bath 350 oven! :)
Judy Gore - Feb 13, 2014
Hi!! I have a question please. When I made my cheesecake, it cracked when it baked. Did I have my oven too hot or not hot enough? Do I need to cook it in a water bath? Help please!!!
Eddie Szczerba - Feb 12, 2014
Thanks! You guys are the best!:)
Kitchen Crew - Feb 12, 2014
Hi Eddie ... not a problem. We will get another one into the mail for you!
Eddie Szczerba - Feb 12, 2014
Hi Janet!
First and foremost let me thank you so very much for awarding me a blue ribbon for my Spinach and Artichoke Dip with white beans! My question,Is there anyway i can get another copy of the certificate that came with my blue ribbon? I had inadvertently torn the one I received in the mail due to my excitement when opening the package.My wife and kids would like to frame it for me so I would like to have it look good,thank you!
James Turner - Feb 11, 2014
I agree Patricia, I love the web sire. Some many great recipes and so little time.=)
James in Texas
Patricia Alexander - Feb 11, 2014
I am so glad a facebook friend had this site on her page I will use the recipes for the bars an I will be back for more of the good ideas for cooking