lovin the spoonful

lovin the spoonful
Created October 2011

Stormy Stewart
By Stormy Stewart @karlyn255
Pointers on how to use them.
Selecting the spoon to use.
Sams and Costco have heavy plastic white spoons for about a penny a piece in groups of 500. or Try a dollar store or party shop for colored ones. White can be used for anything while colors can be used as part of the theme. Like Red or green for Christmas or orange for Thanks giving or Halloween. Blue for a boy baby shower and pink for a girl. You get the point.
You can also use antique spoons that you find at a resale shop for an anniversary or wedding. Or a special handed down spoon for a baby basket.
How to attach the mix to the spoon.
This can be done 2 ways by cutting a baggie in half (not a zip lock) or by cutting a 5 inch square of plastic wrap. Either way you just put the mix in the middle and scoop up the ends and tape or twist tie shut and attach to spoon. Nearing Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween they have both decorated baggies and colored plastic wrap for added interest. It is great to pick up sales after the holiday for next year.
Covering the spoon

Next you want to cover the spoon with an 8 inch square of something so it covers the spoon end and tie a ribbon around it to match theme.
Materials you can use for this are Solid or printed tissue paper, clear or collored cellophane, 10 inch paper doilies in white, colored, silver or gold, a themed napkin, or material themed to match the event. When selecting your cover think about the ribbon you wish to use.

They can be as simple or as complex as you wish. plain colored or themed work well as well as Curling the ribbons. You can also usechenille stems. these are 12 inch fuzzy wires from craft shops, or pipe cleaners. Also wire garland works well as does raffia. they come in tan and colors and lend a more western or country charm.
Some unusual spoons.
At Easter you can use Easter colors and fillable plastic Easter eggs to hold the mix.
For a house warming or spring theme you can add a flower to the ribbon. I make faerie faces with counted cross stick and stuff with a cotton ball and sew shut in the back, then glue onto a flower in the center to look like a flower faerie.
For Christmas you can add a tiny Santa, pointsetta, reindeer, or even a snowman. Or have the kids make small flour ornaments to attach.
For thanksgiving a turkey is nice. Have your kids make them out of paper and color them. Keep them small though 1-2 inches is perfect. you can run them off on a printer and the kids paint or color them, then attach to the ribbon.

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Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
Thank You Ann.
Ann Ausich - over a year ago
What an absolutely delightful idea for gifts. Wish I had found this before the holidays. Alas, there are plenty of special occasions in the future and I am grateful for these ideas. Happy spooning!
Penny Hall - over a year ago
Love that you put all these recipes into one book Stormy, and I have downloaded it. Love the cover too.