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Lovely Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Lovely Recipes for Valentine's Day

What better way for a home cook to proclaim their love on Valentine’s Day, than by making something special? This week, I’m spotlighting lovely recipes for Valentine’s Day that will show family and friends how much you care.

“I usually make these for my husband and children for Valentine’s Day,” reveals Beverley Williams (San Antonio, TX). “But they are great anytime.”

If you want to treat your special someone to a nicer breakfast, Beverly’s Cherry-Vanilla Pancakes are a wonderful option.

The silver-dollar pancakes are made from scratch. There is a slight vanilla flavor that’s different than what you’d find with a pre-made pancake mix. I love the presentation with the fruit topping and whipped cream.

Cherry filling is used in Beverly’s recipe since red is the color for Valentine’s Day, but you could use any fruit topping your family likes. These homemade pancakes will be delicious to wake up to.

“Any day is crepes day if you want to surprise someone special – mom, sis, or loved ones,” thinks Freda Gable. I couldn’t agree more! They could be breakfast, brunch, or dessert.

Freda’s Crepes for Valentine’s Day are fruity, light, delicate… I could go on and on. Sometimes Freda tops hers with sour cream, ice cream, whipped cream, or powdered sugar. In the kitchen, we tried whipped cream and vanilla yogurt. Both were delish.

Feel like surf and turf for dinner? Create a classic steakhouse meal at home by making these two recipes from Linda Edwards-Jackson and Andy Anderson (Wichita, KS).

“A lady I took care of taught me this Lobster Tails recipe, and it is the tastiest recipe I have found for lobster,” shares Linda.

As the lobster is broiling, Linda bastes it in chili-garlic butter. Butter brings a bit of heat, but it also has orange and lemon that add citrus notes. The butter also helps to keep the lobster meat moist.

“This recipe uses a rib eye steak, which I think gives you the best combination of good marbling, tenderness, and flavor; although feel free to experiment with other cuts,” explains Andy of his Awesome Oven-Baked Rib Eye Steak.

Andy’s method for preparing a rib eye is spot on. The steak forms a great crust. When sliced, the meat is juicy and tender.

Mushrooms add an extra layer of flavor and texture. And don’t skip the pats of butter on top … they melt into the steak and make it taste even better.

Make Yolanda Strickland’s (Graham, NC) Semi-Homemade Valentine Mocha Brownie Bites for an easy dessert after your meal. Or, they’d make a wonderful after-school surprise for kids.

“Quick, easy, and fun to make,” says Yolanda. “Top with your favorite frosting, melted chocolate, or powdered sugar.”

Adding coffee powder to your favorite boxed brownie mix adds extra rich flavor and brings out the chocolate. I did add the optional peppermint and loved the cooling, sweet flavor it adds to the brownies.

Using a cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes sticks with the Valentine’s Day theme. I opted to top them with a creamy store-bought frosting and some sprinkles for a festive dessert. The decorating options are endless.

These lovely recipes for Valentine’s Day will be perfect whether you want to make breakfast, prepare a dinner at home, or desire a special sweet for the day. Do you have a recipe you always make for your loved ones? Share a link for us to see and Happy Pinching!